Review – Nikon D3100 camera

I’ve always been a huge fan of photographs, I won’t go anywhere without a camera or my iphone and have always wanted a ‘good’ camera, especially considering the rate I seem to go through compact digital camera’s.

I got the camera as a belated wedding present from Hubby after mentioning on more than one occasion about how much I needed a new camera, especially now it’s not too long until baby arrives.

Hubby did his research and found the Nikon D3100 camera to have great reviews for a beginners level DSLR camera.

I am by no means technical. Technology freaks me out, I get excited if I know how to turn something on, so the camera had to be simple to use to reduce my stress levels.
The camera feels chunky which is ideal for those who are a little cack handed and comes with a comfortable strap.
It has 11 points of autofocus, 95% viewer coverage, great metering, ISO capabilities and 14 megapixel CMOS DX sensor, so it’s a great starter camera, even for me. It takes crystal clear images and does exactly what I need.
My blog pictures should be a lot clear from now on, considering I’ve been using my ipad to take recent pictures.

Camera specifications

  • 14.2 megapixels.
  • 3in screen with LCD technology and live view.
  • CMOS sensor type.
  • Focal length of 18-55mm.
  • Image stabilisation.
  • Continuous shooting up to 3 frames per second (JPEG).
  • Continuous shooting up to 3 frames per second (RAW).
  • Shutter speed of 30 to 1/4000 sec.

Lens information:

  • Zoom lens.
  • Aperture f/3.5-5.6.
  • Silent wave motor.
  • 52mm filter.


  • 11 focus points in the viewfinder.
  • ISO range from 100 to 3200.
  • 1080p video capture with sound.
  • Built-in flash.
  • Hot shoe for additional flash.
  • PictBridge compatible.

Memory card compatibility:,

  • SD.

General information:

  • Colour: black.
  • Eyecup and shoulder strap.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Weight 455g.
  • Size H12.4, W9.5, D7.45cm.


Simple to use and ideal for beginners.
A nice easy size, even for smaller hands.
Good quality pictures.
A reasonable price for an entry level camera.


The screen can easily be scratched.
I find the capture button in a bit of an awkward position.


Personal Planner review and giveaway

I love lists, and writing things down. I think secretly I have a little OCD. I love to be organised, but unless I write EVERYTHING down it goes out of the window.

As my blog is getting a little busier and I’m writing more I knew I needed to get something in place to record when things need writing or reviewing. I’m also an avid competition enterer and love to keep a record of any prizes that I’m lucky enough to win.

Personal Planner is a simple to navigate website where you can customise your own planners in a range of sizes which are then delivered to your door, you can even customise your planner to make it leather bound.

The delivery is also super quick. I chose my design and placed my order on 27/09 and it was through my letterbox on 3/10.


The quality is impressive. The inserts of the planner are on really good quality thick paper with a simple layout which is easy to read.

Any blogger or organised person would love to get a gift like this for Christmas, and what makes it better, is that they can actually personalise it to their own tastes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Konjac Sponge review

The Konjac Sponge company state that their sponges are “A face and body sponge like no other! Made with 100% natural konjac fibre; from the root of the Amorphohallus konjac plant. A naturally moisture rich plant, which is by nature, alkaline. Its natural alkalinity balances the acidity of the skin and its oils. The unique net like structure of the sponge gently massages the skin and stimulates blood flow and new growth of skin cells, leaving the skin extremely soft, clean and refreshed.” Konjac-sponge

When this dropped through my letterbox, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. 

Konjac comes from a potato-like plant in Asia and can be both cultivated and grow wild at high altitudes. Konjac has been used by the Japanese for over 1500 years as a food source but in the last century it’s also been used in beauty treatments. 

The Konjac sponge is made form the vegetable fibre of the Konjac plant and then mixed with French clays and charcoal. 

The sponges are 100% natural, 100% colouring and additiive free and are 100% biodegradable. They’re naturally sustainable and completely safe from the environment. 

The Konjac sponge is available from numerous stockists and can also be purchased online. The sponge that I tried costs £9.99 and can be ordered online. 

I was sent the French green clay for normal to oily skin sponge.

Well it’s an odd looking thing. It’s really squidgy and makes me think of something that I would have played with as a child. It looks like a sponge with lots of little holes in it, but it’s green and semi circular in shape with a thin white string.

To use, you wet it thoroughly and rub it in a circular motion on you face. It removes dead skin and lightly exfoliates your skin.

It feels great to use and feels like you’re using a moisturising product on your face. I haven’t used a cleanser with mine, I prefer to use it by itself so that it lasts longer (some cleansers can damage the sponge or make it wear very quickly). 

After using, you need to hang it to dry. I’ve been hanging mine on the side of the bathroom mirror, where it dries out a little but not completely.



Really easy to use

100% natural

Gentle and exfoliating on your face

It’s really simple to use and feels great on your face. 

None so far

It has been a complete pleasure to use this. My skin feels super clean and refreshed and has a bit of a glow. I really enjoy using it and it does feel as though it makes a difference to my skin and complexion.

The sponge should last around three months and is biodegradable so you can get rid of it easily when you have finished with it. I really liked this product and it would be excellent for travelling with, or for taking for weekends away.

I think I will try the one for dry skin next time as I do suffer from dry patches on my face.

Check the company out on Facebook or Twitter

*I was sent the product in return for an honest review. 


So …. we’re having a baby!!!

So …. it turns out we’re having a baby! Maybe a bit earlier than we’d expected / anticipated but now it’s sunk in, we’re really happy.

So, a little information –

I’m 13 weeks pregnant, so baby is due in February 2014!

how do I feel?

– I’ve been crying at crap on TV and don’t get me started on any
animal programmes.
– though I think this might be connected to the ear infection I also
have. Woe is me!

boobs feel SO heavy and my nipples are really painful. I’ve gone from
a 36C to a 38E in a matter of weeks.

skin is spotty and hormonal. I currently have the skin of a pre
pubescent teenager!

felt very ill pretty much since finding out I was pregnant at 4
weeks. I’ve felt sick and lethargic and my tolerance levels have
reduced dramatically!

hair is pretty disgusting, it’s dry and lank, and seems to be coming
out in clumps – I’m still waiting for the glossy hair and the
pregnancy glow that all these leaflets and books promise me I’ll get!

is a nightmare. I feel shattered constantly, but I just can’t stay
asleep. I wake up constantly for a wee, and then I’m up at the crack
of dawn. I’ve been trying to have little naps during the day, but
it’s hard work when you work 12 hour shifts.

clothes are tighter round the middle and I’m living in leggings. My
normal clothes are too tight, but I’m not quite rotund enough for
maternity items.

have completely gone off coffee. I adored coffee pre pregnancy but I
can’t even bare the smell of it now.

got 4 weeks until my next midwife appointment and 4 weeks until my
appointment with the consultant to discuss how my poorly back will
cope during the pregnancy.

try and keep this updated as the pregnancy develops and although I
would like to write about my experiences and any mother to be
products I use, and no doubt any baby items once the baby is here, I intend to keep writing about ME as well as me as a parent. 

My Three and Me

Review – July Birchbox

not really one for beauty boxes. I’ve tried Betrousse previously and
although I found it quite nice I wasn’t blown away.

in my emails I got a discount code for Birchbox, so
decided to give it a try.

box was quite nice, although again, I wasn’t blown away. It’s nice to
try some new products, but there was only really one product in the
box that I liked enough to buy again. Anyway, heres what arrived : –


Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle – Full size £15
What they say
While we love to pamper ourselves with multiple products, some days we’re just too busy – so we need a little streamlining. This miracle worker will take you from several products to one. This vegan, paraben- and sulfate-free leave-in mist conditions, detangles and minimises frizz, while safeguarding colour and adding shine. As if that wasn’t enough, it also provides protection against UV rays and heat! The sweet-scented non-greasy formula is suitable for all hair types.

My thoughts
This smells delicious. It is easily sprayed onto hair and once dry my hair felt incredibly soft and manageable. It has a delicious musky, vanilla scent – I’d use this has a perfume if I could!


Blanc Cachemire Day Cream – Full size £54.95

What they say

100% natural ingredients are used in a high-tech way to provide a gentle approach to anti-ageing. The smoothing proteins found in cashmere fibres are carefully mixed with active ingredients including falun – a millennial sediment with high concentrations of calcium and silicon – at the French Laboratoire Neuroscience. These work in unison to encourage quicker cell regeneration and tighter, firmer skin. Blanc Cachemire Day Cream is lightweight, allowing for quick absorption. It also sits easily under foundation and has a lovely, slightly fruity scent.

My thoughts

I got a 15ml sample of this cream, and although it felt quite luxurious I found it less moistursing than I’d have liked and I was really put off by the scent. The scent is strange, a little like plants and a little like medicine. I really didn’t enjoy the smell on my face, as it was quite noticeable. The cream absorbed easily into my skin but didn’t have any great noticeable effects.


Laura Geller Beauty Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner  –
What they say

Traditionally only for the steady-handed, make-up artist to the stars Laura Geller has crafted these Black and Purple gel liner pots containing an accompanying brush – making a perfect gel flick a whole lot easier.
The Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner is made from a silicon based no-budge formula that creates a luxurious, crease-free finish.

My thoughts

I believe that this was available in both black and purple, but sadly I got the purple. I am impressed that it’s a full sized product though. The liner itself has great pigmentation and lasts reasonably well, but the colour just isn’t for me.

The Chia Co. Chia Shots

What they say

It’s not always easy, but it’s so important to use ingredients that benefit your health while cooking – it shows both inside and out. The humble chia seed might not look like much, but it’s the richest plant-based source of omega 2, dietary fibre and protein. They are beloved by celebs including Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow.

My thoughts

I got one packet of these. If I’m honest I havent tried then, or even thought about trying them yet. It looks like bird seed. I’m not sure what I’d use them in, maybe if I baked cakes or something?

Weleda Skin Food

What they say

No matter the season, you can (unfortunately) count on dry skin. Thank goodness, then, for the all-natural salve that is Weleda Skin Food. Infused with organic sunflower seed oil, a protective ingredient that’s rich in fatty acids, as well as the soothing, super-nourishing extracts of calendula, chamomile, pansy, and rosemary, it has a way of sorting out even the most stubborn of dry patches—face, feet, elbows, or hands. Plus, the essential oils of sweet orange and lavender leave behind a lovely scent.

My thoughts

I got a 10ml sample of this in my Birchbox, and was really looking forward to giving it a go. I really like it, its fab for dry patches and cracked heels. It has quite an oily texture but isn’t sticky once its on the skin. It’s fab as a quick fix and can be used all over. I get dry patches on my face and a little of this does help, though applying it at night is best for me, otherwise my make up doesnt settle if this is underneath.

theBalm® cosmetics InStain® Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush (Swiss Dot)
What they say
This buildable formula comes in a range of skin-flattering, natural-looking hues and stands up to heat and humidity. The silky powder leaves behind a lasting stain that blends in seamlessly with your skin. Swipe on a single layer for a subtle look or carefully build up the colour for a more visible (yet still natural) hue. Plus, the cute compact has a built-in mirror for speedy, goof-free applications.
My thoughts
A little goes a very long way, but it’s just too bright for me. I am more of a highlighter or bronzer person and blusher scares me.
I think blusher lovers will adore this as you can intensify the colour by building up the layers. It is a great colour, but i just think I’m a little too old for blusher.
Not a bad selection of products really, and I will use some of them. I may keep on the monthly subscription for Birchbox for a couple of months, £10 plus postage isn’t too bad, even if it’s just to get a few new handbag sized bits.
(Personal Purchase)