SPD – Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

was a new one to me. I’d never heard of it prior to getting pregnant,
but I’ve been unlucky enough to suffer from it for the last four


It’s caused by a
misalignment and/or stiffness in your pelvic joints during pregnancy.
Although it isn’t harmful for your baby, the mother to be can really
suffer. Different women, have different symptoms. Common symptoms are

  • pain
    across the pubic bone at the front in the centre
  • pain
    across one or both sides of your lower back
  • pain
    in the area between your vagina and anus (perineum) – this is the
    one I’m lucky enough to have! It literally feels like I am splitting
    in half up over from my vagina. I can hear the ones in my pelvis
    grinding and clicking which makes me feel physically ill.
that I’d found aggravate it –
  • walking
    – any long distance walking is completely out for me. 
  • going
    upstairs – it’s become a traumatic experience trying to pop upstairs
    to the loo.
  • standing
    on one leg – stepping over the side of the bath into the show is
    excruciating and don’t get me started on trying to put a pair of
    pants on myself!
  • turning
    over in bed.
  • Getting out of bed
    or out of the car.

can you do to make it feel better?

I mentioned it to my
midwife and she has referred me for Physio. It was also suggested
that I use a pelvic support belt, and don’t stand on one leg for
anything. I have also read up online and found suggestions advising
against hoovering and pushing a shopping trolley – the perfect excuse
to get your partner to run round after you.

My SPD is getting worse
on a daily basis, and I have now been signed off work, given Codeine
and told to have bed rest, otherwise I will need to be admitted to
hospital. That on top of the fact I already have a back condition is
pretty rubbish, I could quite happily just curl up and sleep for a
month – if I wasn’t in so much pain!

Luckily most people
including the midwife and doctor have said that SPD often disappears
once baby is born. Just another 14 weeks to go then!!


Pregnancy Update – 20 weeks

As you all know, my pregnancy is progressing, it doesn’t seem five minute since we found out we were having a baby and I was four weeks pregnant. I am now 20 weeks and 2 days pregnant – that’s a whole 5 months. It’s quite terrifying, how quick it’s speeding by.

We went for our 20 week Anomoly scan the other day, and thankfully all appears ok thought our baby appears to be very shy and had it’s legs crossed AND tucked up, so we had no chance of finding out it’s gender. We’re going to try and get booked in for a private gender scan as soon as we can.



None yet. I’ve been
using Materni Care
 and Bio Oil alternatively at least once a day. It’s kept them at bay so far, but whether that will last until I’m full term, who knows! I have noticed a little dry skin on my belly, but I’m trying to exfoliate and moisturise as much as possible.


I have bought quite a bit from New Look including two fab coats, perfect for the Autumn to Winter transition.

Grey snood coat

MamaLicious striped raincoat


I’m still managing to partially sleep on my stomach – just, though not as fully as usual. I’m not getting up as much during the night to wee, but still enough to be an annoyance! I do feel sleepy a lot of the time, though have started taking some extra iron tablets as well as my usual pregnancy vitamins, so I’m hoping they may help a little as well.

The sickness has finally gone. It’s only taken 5 months!


I’m still ok, though do seem to be worrying about things a lot more than usual, money, maternity leave, work etc.


I’m getting a lot more movement. I can feel what can only be decribed as butterflies on the inside of my belly. It’s tickly and a little off, and some times it feels a little like a dull ache that lasts for a couple of seconds in certain spots.

Nothing really, mainly just apple juice.


I have been super prepared – I’ve shoced myself. The nursery is almost finished, and that includes a cot, furniture, curtains and various other things! I’m trying to get as much sorted as early as possible. I’m hoping to get the travel system ordered next week as well, then the last few months can be spent trying to finish the rest of the house and pay off a little debt before the baby gets here.



Balloon Baboon

I often run out of
ideas for presents, usually opting for vouchers or some smellies, but
I know that can be boring. I love finding something different,
something that will make the recipient smile or have a little

Balloon Baboon is one of those companies. They make handmade balloon sculptures which are delivered right to your door.

I was sent a fabulous
package from the company which was
a pregnant lady balloon. It is amazing.

It’s an absolutely perfect gift for a mother to be
and would look great as a centre piece at a baby shower.

A super light weight box arrived via Royal Mail. From the outside you’d never guess what was in the box.
I could see a green balloon poking out of the pink tissue paper.
Inside was a super cool pregnant lady made from balloons complete with big bump! Also included was a small pink babboon! The sculpture is well made and looks fab. It’s about 20 inches tall and stands up well without toppling over as it’s filled with liquid, presumably water.
Balloon Baboon have a
wide range of balloon items, including animals, childrens characters
and festive items. They pretty much cover every eventuality.
Their price ranges are
really good too, the sculpture that I was sent costs £16.95 plus
£3.95 delivery. This works out much less than a decent bunch of
flowers, and looks much more unique and thoughtful.

I really like the package I got. I will definitely use Balloon Baboon in the future.
Check them out on Twitter and Facebook

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So …. we’re having a baby!!!

So …. it turns out we’re having a baby! Maybe a bit earlier than we’d expected / anticipated but now it’s sunk in, we’re really happy.

So, a little information –

I’m 13 weeks pregnant, so baby is due in February 2014!

how do I feel?

– I’ve been crying at crap on TV and don’t get me started on any
animal programmes.
– though I think this might be connected to the ear infection I also
have. Woe is me!

boobs feel SO heavy and my nipples are really painful. I’ve gone from
a 36C to a 38E in a matter of weeks.

skin is spotty and hormonal. I currently have the skin of a pre
pubescent teenager!

felt very ill pretty much since finding out I was pregnant at 4
weeks. I’ve felt sick and lethargic and my tolerance levels have
reduced dramatically!

hair is pretty disgusting, it’s dry and lank, and seems to be coming
out in clumps – I’m still waiting for the glossy hair and the
pregnancy glow that all these leaflets and books promise me I’ll get!

is a nightmare. I feel shattered constantly, but I just can’t stay
asleep. I wake up constantly for a wee, and then I’m up at the crack
of dawn. I’ve been trying to have little naps during the day, but
it’s hard work when you work 12 hour shifts.

clothes are tighter round the middle and I’m living in leggings. My
normal clothes are too tight, but I’m not quite rotund enough for
maternity items.

have completely gone off coffee. I adored coffee pre pregnancy but I
can’t even bare the smell of it now.

got 4 weeks until my next midwife appointment and 4 weeks until my
appointment with the consultant to discuss how my poorly back will
cope during the pregnancy.

try and keep this updated as the pregnancy develops and although I
would like to write about my experiences and any mother to be
products I use, and no doubt any baby items once the baby is here, I intend to keep writing about ME as well as me as a parent. 

My Three and Me