Braun PRT1000 High Speed 3-in-1 Thermometer

Braun PRT1000 High Speed 3-in-1 Thermometer
It’s very worrying when your baby is unwell, especially when you’re a first time mother. Eli has been a little under the weather this week. He’s been a little snotty and grumpy. He’s just got cold but it’s still a scary time for us new parents.

I’ve been regularly checking Eli’s temperature, and thankfully the Braun PRT1000 High Speed Digital Thermometer causes minimal fuss whilst still getting accurate readings.
The Braun 3-in-1 Thermometer (PRT1000) features include –
  • Provide accurate temperature readings and can be used under arm, oral and rectal.
  • Quick temperature readings, in under 10 seconds with absolute minimum discomfort.
  • Can recall the last temperature taken.
  • Small and flexible tip for maximum comfort.
  • Beep confirms when temperature has been taken.
  • A cover to keep your thermometer safe, protected and hygienic between uses. 
It is suitable for oral,
underarm or rectal use and can give a temperature reading as fast as 10 seconds. I only tried it orally and under the little mans arm, there was no way I was attempting to put it up his bum, he’s only three weeks old and I been to worried I caused him any damage. With him being so young I found the underarm reading easiest to get. He didn’t struggle and I was able to get a reading, though it id take a little longer than 10 seconds.
It’s a simple to use compact piece of equipment and is perfect for sticking in your change bag or taking on trips away from home. I think it’s a good quality thermometer for a really reasonable price.

You can currently pick up the thermometer on Amazon for £13.00.

*I was sent this item free of charge to review on my blog*

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