Four Ways to Help the Bride to Be on Her Wedding Day

Getting married is arguably one of the biggest days of your life. From organising the venue and registrar to finding the dress and tasting the cake, it can often seem like the wedding checklist never ends. Even if you’ve had your dream day in mind for years, the run-up is understandably stressful, and not to mention expensive! However, if it’s not your big day approaching and you’re the bridesmaid, there’s plenty of ways you can be there for the bride-to-be, and help her out throughout the planning.

Help with Organisation

From the moment the bride said yes, she’ll have thought of a list as long as the train of her dress! As her bridesmaid, it’s time for you to be on hand for all her planning needs. You could help her set up appointments for venues, and you can browse UK Wedding Savings together to find the best location for her budget, wherever she is in the country.

Not only can you help with the search for the perfect venue, but you can help set up appointments to go dress shopping. Her wedding dress is going to be one of the most looked forward to features of the big day, and they say you should start dressing around a year before the wedding date. As her bridesmaid, you can go with her to the dress appointment, as well as any fittings further down the line. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to bond further and create a lovely day out.

Pre-Wedding Nerves

A key role you can play in the run-up to the big day is to keep the bride-to-be’s nerves to a minimum. The wedding day is the one day where all the eyes will be on her, and her future husband. If the bride usually shies away from the spotlight, this can be a daunting prospect. As her bridesmaid, it’s important that you listen to her worries and try your best to offer helpful and calming advice. It’s worthwhile booking a hotel suite the night before the big day, especially if the wedding is in the same venue, and spending the night before pampering and relaxing. You could watch her favourite films while unwinding with a glass of champagne and chat about the days when you were both free and single.

Dress Checker

Keeping the bride-to-be’s dress intact on her big day is a must! If she’s wearing an intricate number, she’ll need help lacing up the back in the morning. However, throughout the day she’ll need her bridesmaids to help her with her dress’s train, especially if she’s having a photo shoot on the grounds of the venue. Not only can you help with keeping her dress as pristine as possible, but you can help with the logistics of her nipping to the loo and making sure no drunken dancing ends up with wine spills on her dress!

Drink Topped Up

On the big day, the bride is going to be constantly surrounded by well-wishers, distant relatives and her closest friends. As her bridesmaid, one fun and practical way to help her is

to make sure her drink is always topped up – you never know when or who is going to want to raise a toast to the happy couple!


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