Simple Firework crafts for Toddlers

It’s Bonfire Night and I was initially filled with good intentions. I had tickets for a local fire work display and fully intended to take the little man. However, I may have been at a wedding yesterday where I drank far too much wine and Vodka and had a slightly fuzzy head today. Rather fortunately, the weather has been awful too, so instead of visiting a firework display, we decided to make our own.


It’s probably one of the most simply crafting activities you’ll do, but it looks really effective and even small hands can get involved.


All you need is a couple of empty toilet rolls, some paint and/or glitter, glue (if you’re using glitter – seriously, don’t. It’s evil stuff and I know I’ll still hoovering it up for the next 4 weeks), scissors and paper.


Cut the toilet roll at one end into strips.


It will fan out so it looks like mutant Octopus.


Then you’re ready roll. Id like to say you can make prints using different colours but if you have a toddler like mine, you’ll end up with a huge paint puddle which you can dip your toilet roll into.


Once you’re fully loaded with paint, you little person can go wild with firework fun.


Even just using a couple of colours of paint looks really great. I love how easy it is to do and you really don’t need a whole host of equipment or products.



For some of ours prints we added a little bit if PVA glue. I rang thin strips of it between the little mans handiwork and then he threw/sprinkled glitter to make sparkly fireworks.



I think the end result is great. It’s a simple idea that is suitable for children of any age and ideal for parents that love to hoover ( 17 million times) to remove glitter from everywhere.



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