Gifts for Older Children

This post contains some press samples sent free of charge to consider for inclusion in my gift guide

Knowing what to buy older children for Christmas can be hard, especially when they don’t need anything or haven’t asked for anything specific. My eldest is almost 9 and the older he gets, the harder he is to buy for. I struggle to find unique ideas as he seems to have everything I think of, already.

I’ve been introduced to some lovely brands and gift ideas this year. I thought I would share them with you below in the hope they inspire you if you’re still looking for gift ideas.

Huckleberry have an amazing range of products for nature loving kids. The Huckleberry Binoculars are really beautiful and very well made. The binoculars have a magnification of 8X with a field of view of 914,4 meters, They would make a great gift for children who love to explore the outdoors and their surroundings.

If you’re buying for a child who loves reading, I would recommend Jump by JG Nolan. It’s the authors first novel. Set in Scotland, it’s the story of Robbie Blair who has dreams of being a professional football player. After his third broken leg before an important trial, Robbie has resigned himself to the fact his football career is over before it has even started.

I love the beautiful illustrations by Carina Roberts that are dotted throughout the book. They really help make the book and are perfect for younger readers. Even though my son enjoys reading, he still likes to see illustrations to break up the words a little.

Released only in July this year, Jump is a lovely story with an uplifting plot, and a clear message that that if you want something and work harder than you ever thought possible, you can do it. Regardless of what it is. It’s a sweet book and my son said he really liked the way it was written. Jump is aimed at the 8-13 age group, so is suitable for confident readers but would also make a great book to read at bedtime with a parent.

I think the Huckleberry Sand Tools will make a brilliant gift for outdoor loving kids. The set consists of a brush tool, 3 sided rake for corners, and one smoothing tool. It’s a brilliant gift idea and a pretty unique one too. My kids love building sand castles at the beach and I think this will encourage them to make something fancier and more intricate.

The Cloud Bath Bombs from Mini U will make great stocking fillers. They come in a set of three and are free from gluten, soy and dairy and are suitable for vegans. When you drop them in the bath they give off a beautiful rainbow fizz and the smell lovely too!

If you’re buying for a child who is interested in Science, Newton’s Lab Pulley Crane set is a great option. The kit comes with everything you need to build a Pulley Crane yourself including die cut cardboard pieces, metal screws and nuts, metal hook, sticker sheets, wooden dowel, string and pulleys. The Pulley Crane is a great learning tool to explain about applied forces and lifting heavy objects.

Looking for a gift for a gamer?

The Xbox Gaming Locker is a a clever storage solution for gamers. It holds up to 10 Xbox games and you can hang up to 4 controllers on it. The locker is an Official Microsoft product with cool Xbox branding. so it will be a huge hit for gamers.  The bottom draw of the locker is great for storage, it’s suitable for for cables, remotes and and other gaming equipment so parents will love it too.

We love Science Mad sets. They make brilliant gifts for kids who are interested in science and learning. The Crystal Growing Lab is aimed at children 10 and over and contains everything you need to grow crystals of different shapes, colours and sizes including crystal trees and a crystal rainbow. The set includes chemicals, laboratory apparatus, a table to record results, an instruction manual and a display stand to show off any creations. It’s a lovely set which is very straight forward to use.

Diary of a Christmas Elf makes a great stocking filler. It’s a lovely Christmas story that children will love to read over the festive period.

All Tog wants to do is work in Santa’s workshop and one wonderful day, the letter from Santa arrives: Tog has been selected as an apprentice elf. The book is a funny and heart warming story about the true meaning of gift giving and I think it will be a lovely book to introduce into our festive traditions each year.

I think the Scentos Scented Mega Activity set looks like such an impressive gift for stationery lovers. It’s huge and contains over 60 products  that kids will love. The set includes 10 scented rainbow pens, 12 scented coloured pencils, 10 scented fine tip markers, 10 scented fibre tip pens, 20 scented crayons, 4 scented dough tubs, 10 sheets of paper, a pair of scissors and 2 sticker sheets all with fruity, sweet smells.

Iconic games make brilliant gifts for children. I love being able to introduce my own children to games I played as a child. The Subbuteo game comes complete with 20 players, a high quality pitch, goals and a ball, all you need are the skills! Football fans will love this!

I know some won’t necessarily agree with an Amazon device as a gift for a child but we love them in our house. Both children love asking Alexa to play music, answer random questions or play fart noises! We think Alexa is lots of fun and there are so many uses for her.

I hope some of the suggestions in this post have inspired you if you’re still looking for gifts this year.


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