Party Ideas for kids

Party Ideas for kids
Party Ideas for Girls 
Planning a party for your little girl can be so much fun. There are so many themes and party venues to choose from you’ll be spoiled for choice. First you need to know how many children are coming, then you can work out what kind of venue is suitable. There are many places offering kid’s party packages these days, although your daughter will already have her ideal party in mind no doubt. Here are a few options: 
Pool Party 
Most swimming pools offer the opportunity to hire all or part of the pool for a set time and provide lifeguards to ensure the children are safe at all times. More often than not you’ll be able to have access to the flumes or inflatables in the pool, which are great fun to jump over and climb on. Afterwards you’ll usually be given the option to either hire a room in the pool complex and provide your own birthday lunch or choose from a variety of party options in the café or restaurant. Remember pool parties are only suitable for children who can swim so there’s little point booking them for very young children. Some pools also insist on having a certain adult to child ratio, so check this before you book. 
A great excuse to have the party at home, a sleepover is high on every little girls list. The girls can enjoy a special pampering evening together with mini manicures and maybe even do each others makeup and hair, before cosying up in their sleeping bags and watching a DVD. With parties like this it’s always best to include a list of what they will need to bring with them with the invite. Make sure to include sleeping bags, pillows, girl’s slippers, pj’s and toothbrushes, plus a change of clothes for the morning. If your daughter needs some new clothes for the sleepover you can buy girls slippers from George at ASDA, as well as new pyjamas quite cheaply, leaving you with more money for the party itself.  
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Farm or Zoo Party 
What little girl doesn’t love animals? Take a trip to the farm or the zoo with your daughter and her friends and you’ll have a ball getting to know all the animals. Most farms and zoos include admission for the children, plus one or two adults to accompany them and provide refreshments and sometimes even a cake. Check exactly what’s included as you often get the party invites and even the goody bags included when you book a party package.  
Other great venues to consider include of course your own home. You could go retro and throw a good old fashioned party with party games and jelly and ice cream, hire a bouncy castle for the garden if the weather’s good or perhaps book a hall and have a disco party or hire some fun indoor games the kids will love.  
As for party themes the list is endless. You could have a pirates and princess theme, a superhero theme, a cowboys (and girls) and Indians party or animal themed party. Let you and your child’s imaginations run wild!  
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