Bio – Kult Infantis

Bio – Kult Infantis

Since the little man was born he’s had on and off issues with constipation which is a bit of a worry as his grandmother, my Mam suffers from severe Crohn’s disease, an incurable disease which causes iinflammation of the digestive system. Sadly, my Mam has had 10 major abdominal surgeries which have resulted in only 10 inches of her bowel remaining, so as Crohn’s disease can be hereditary we pay attention to any stomach related changes in our family. 

I’m all for anything that can help promote a healthy gut and immune system and when we were offered the chance to try Bio-Kult Infantis I was really intrigued. 

Bio-Kult Infantis is a probiotic formula designed especially for babies and young children. The information about the product suggests that if used daily it can help maintain a healthy gut and naturally help to prevent the development of conditions such as colic, diarrhoea and allergies. 

So what is Bio-Kult Infantis?

The product is a fine white powder in small individual sachets. Each sachet can be added (unnoticeably) to either food or liquids. I’ve tried it in both formula and the little mans morning porridge and he has eaten and drank as normal so presumably it’s not easily detectable. 

The details and information below are taken directly from the Bio-Kult website where you can also read more about the product and the other products that are available to buy from the same brand. 

  • 7 strains of live bacteria
  • High in Omega 3
  • Vitamin D3 to contribute to the normal function of the immune system.
  • Preplex (FOS and gum acacia)
  • No Sugar, artificial colours or flavourings
  • Can be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration
  • Total viable count guaranteed to the end of the 2 year shelf life
  • Gluten free
  • Contains traces of soya and traces of milk at a level which will not affect lactose intolerance sufferers
  • Made in the UK

Obviously I can’t confirm either way as to whether Bio-Kult Infantis has made a difference to the little mans insides, but the medical science and research information suggests that it should. I’ve certainly not seen any adverse reactions and I’m hoping it may help remedy over time, the odd issues we still have with constipation. 

Whilst I agree the health benefits sound great we simply could not afford the hefty price tag of £11.95 for 16 sachets,  particularly as I am just about to go onto unpaid maternity leave now and our household income will be down by £1,900 a month.  Whilst my son’s health is of extreme importance I expect we could achieve similar results with a healthy balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

You can buy Bio-Kult Infantis from a variety of shops including on the high street and online if it’s financially viable for you and your family. 

*I was sent one box of 16 sachets for review purposes. Opinions are my own*


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