Family traditions at Christmas

Family traditions at Christmas

Tomorrow will be the little mans very first Christmas!

I’m so excited.

We’ve started some family traditions for our little family this year. Some are things I did with my family when I was younger and others are just nice little activities we can do each year together. Here are some of the things we’ve done this Christmas.

A new decoration

You’ll know I love keepsakes so each year I intend to buy a personalised ornament for the Christmas tree.

Visiting Santa

We’ve been to see Santa twice this year and the little man loved it. He was good as gold and totally intrigued by Santa’s beard.

New PJs on Christmas Eve

This is a tradition from my own childhood. I always good new PJs for Christmas Eve and we’ve started the tradition in our house this year too. In fact, the three of us all got new PJ’s!

We also sprinkled reindeer food outside this evening to entice Santa’s reindeer to stop. The little man didn’t have a clue what was going on but was rather intrigued by the sparkly oats we were throwing round outside.

Festive jumpers

The little man has a lot! I love festive clothes for babies. I’ll write a separate post with some pictures featuring his super cute/embarrassing Christmas attire.

Christmas markets

We’ve visited around 7 Christmas markets this year. I love the handmade crafts and beautiful one off pieces. We managed to pick up an array of gifts and decorations at the markets and ate lots of tasty festive food so we’ve definitely be doing the same next year.

I imagine as the little man gets older we’ll bring in more Christmas traditions, particularly when he starts to understand things more.

Do you have any family traditions?


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