Galaxy Quick Reads

Galaxy Quick Reads

I used to be an avid reader and a huge English geek at school. Even after I left I still used to read at least a book a month but over the last 18 months it’s dwindled to nothing. I can’t even remember the last book I read. It’s quite sad considering I was such a bookworm.

If like me you have little to no spare time, the thought of reading a full length book can be quite daunting challenge and for me, something that would take me weeks to complete.

Galaxy Quick Reads

With that in mind, Galaxy Quick Reads can help, a range of bite sized books which are written by renowned authors but are a much more manageable length. The range is in collaboration with Galaxy chocolate and is a World book day initiative . The range was started back in 2006 and has grown rapidly with a further 6 books being brought out in February 2015, from authors such as JoJo Moyes and James Bowen –

Dead Man Talking – Roddy Doyle
Paris for Two One – Jojo Moyes
Red for Revenge -Fanny Blake
Pictures or it Didn’t Happen – Sophie Hannah
Out Of The Dark – Adéle Geras
Street Cat Bob – James Bowen

The idea aimed at reintroducing adults to books who who may have difficulty reading, those who haven’t read for a long time of those who simply do not have time to sit down and read a full length novel. 

Galaxy Quick Reads

They’re perfect for busy parents or a quick bus or train journey. They cost a very reasonable £1 each and can be picked up from places like Waterstones and Morrisons – ideal for popping in your trolley while you’re doing the weekly shop.

Since its launch, Galaxy Quick Reads have distributed over 4.3m books to reader and a further 3.5m through library loans. 

So far I have managed to read Dead Man Talking, Out of the Dark and Street Cat Bob, all different genres but all equally manageable and easy to read in one short sitting. I’ve found time during the little mans naps or a relatively quiet night shift at work to pick up one of the bite sized books and start reading. As they’re thinner and much shorter than previous books I’ve read they’re much less scary to think about.

They are also available as eBooks across all major eBook platforms. For more information and to view the full range of books available have a look at –


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