Room to Grow dream illustration competition

Dreams usually occur in the REM stage of sleep when brain activity is high and is similar to when your are awake. No one truly knows why we dream or the meanings behind them but the average person will have between three to five dreams each night. According to Room to Grow, by the age of 70, the average person will have dreamt for 6 years of their life! That’s a lot of surreal and bizarre night time thoughts!

Whilst we may know what our own dreams are about, have you ever wondered what you child dreams about?

Childrens imaginations start developing at a young age so I can only imagine that their night time dreams are full of fun and vivid experiences, which are probably a take on their real day to day life.

I’d love to know what the little man sees in dream land. We often get a random word or two, a burst of laughter and sometimes even a sob, but he’s still too young to tell us what he’s been dreaming about. When he’s older we’ll be able to ask him and encourage him to share his dreams, perhaps by talking about them, or maybe by drawing a picture. Room-to-Grow-competitionThe lovely people over at Room to Grow have a fantastic competition running at the moment. Someone will be lucky enough to have their child’s dream illustrated by talented children’s book illustrator, Hannah McCaffery. Hannah’s illustrations are absolutely beautiful, the colours she use are so bright and the composition is perfect. As well as illustrating children’s books she also offers one off custom pieces definitely something worth considering if you’re not lucky enough to win this competition.



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