Ways to make a loft conversion look amazing

As I only work part time now I think we’d struggle to afford to move to a bigger house so we’ve been looking at ways to make the house we live in more suited to our needs.

We’re toying between a loft conversion and taking out a loan for an extension. I think a loft conversion will be the most cost effective and give us the storage space we so desperately need. I know that a loft conversion can add up to 20% onto the value of our home so I think that’s probably the option we’ll choose.

There are many ways to make a loft conversion look amazing –

Make the windows look fabulous

Keeping windows as large as possible will bring in lots of light. Loft rooms can be dark so natural light is very important. Dressing the windows with VELUX Blinds will allow you to choose from a huge range of colours and styles.

Use light and bright colours

When choosing colours to decorate your new loft space try and keep it light and bright. Spaces will look airy and larger and make your extra space look even bigger. Using transparent plastic or glass furniture will also give the illusion of more space.

Make the most of space

Once your loft conversion is complete you may find you’re left with some unusual shaped spaces. Embrace them and choose storage solutions that will tight spaces and areas with low head heights. Ikea have a great range of storage solutions for purse friendly prices. If you fancy getting creative you could check out the Ikea Hackers page for some amazing ideas to customise their furniture.

Showcase the stairs

The stairs leading up to your new loft space will likely take up a large chunk of the landing or one of your bedrooms so why not make them look good? Making a feature of them will help enhance the look of your new room and they can also be used to house extra storage.

Have you got a loft conversion?


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