Simple SEO Tips For Bloggers

A lot of bloggers don’t really understand the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and aren’t really sure how to use it to make their blog more visible online.

According to, SEO is:

“the methods used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximise user traffic to the site.”

Here are some simple ways to help –

Post Good Quality Content, Regularly

Quality over quantity is something you should consider. Google focuses on the content of your post and it’s quality. Shorter, to the point posts that offer plenty of information are also favoured by Google. Posting regularly is also important but posting great content a couple of times a week is so much better than posting half-heartedly every day.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Blogs are often read on mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets. Commuters or those having five minutes may scroll through your blog on one of these devices so making sure your blog works and is easy to navigate on a mobile device is important.

Google can also penalises websites that aren’t very responsive on mobile devices so make sure you choose a responsibe theme that works well on mobile devices.

Use a Support Network

Consider using an external SEO expert and support team to help with your blog if your budget will allow. have an inhouse team who can help with all of your blog and SEO needs.

Use the Correct Keywords

Choosing appropriate keywords in each post is essential for good SEO. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner is one of easiest ways to check how certain search terms are performing and then you can decide which words are post suitable for your post.

You should try to use your chosen keyword in the blog title, the URL, early on in the main body of the text and ALT Tags on each of your images.

Make the Most of Linking

When writing blog posts, try and link back to previous posts on your blog as it shows search engines that your content is relevant and worth viewing. Readers are more likely to stay on your blog longer too, clicking through to previous pages and posts and learning more about you.

Use a SEO Plugin

I can’t comment on Blogger but using a SEO Plugin on WordPress will really help you with SEO as they do a lot of the hard work for you.  I use Yoast SEO  which is free, though you can upgrade to the premium version if it is more suited to your requirements.

Do you have any simple tips for those new to the world of SEO?

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