Simple Ways to Accessorise an Outfit

Some people seem to look amazing whatever they wear. They seem to be effortlessly glamourous, regardless of the outfit and ill admit, I always feel a little jealous.

However, there is a secret to making any outfit look amazing – choosing the right accessories!

Here are some simple things to consider when accessorising your outfit –

Choose unique earrings

You can keep your outfit simple but why not choose unique stainless steel earrings that will draw attention and be sure to turn heads.

Be careful with proportions

If you’re wearing an outfit that is big, with lots of details, then it’s fine to scale back on the accessories. If you’re wearing something sleeker, you can go a little bigger and bolder with a chunky cocktail ring or big, bright handbag.

Don’t be too matchy-matchy

The days of your shoes having to match your handbag are gone. Instead, choose statement clashes and mix brights with animal prints.

Choose a longer necklace

Necklaces not only have the power to kick your look up a notch, but can also give you a boost of body confidence. A long, thinner necklace can hang down the body and make you look and feel slimmer.

The more basic the outfit, the bolder your accessories can be

An amazing outfit is all about balance. For example, pairing a plain simple t-shirt and skinny jeans combo with a pair of polka dot flats, a brightly coloured necklace and a few chunky bangles. Accessories can add detail, complexity and interest to even the most simple look.

Don’t wear too many accessories at once

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and you should show a little restraint with accessories. Try not to add too much to each outfit. Keep it to one or two main areas.

Do you have any tips for accessorising your outfits?

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