How to Look After Your Family’s Health


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Your family’s health is integral to the happiness of your loved ones, and with the new year approaching, it is time to make some resolutions to enable you to better care for and seek help for your family’s health. From their hearing and eyesight to their mental wellbeing, there are a variety of common health concerns that you need to protect your family from by following the tips in this article.

Seek Medical Attention

If your family member begins to complain of a certain health issue, it is paramount that you are able to book an appointment with your local GP or a specialist as soon as possible, as this will ensure that the issue can be diagnosed quickly and that it can be treated before the condition worsens. However, it is just as important to seek medical attention in the form of annual check ups for your family, and this does not just include booking a doctor’s appointment, with an optician and hearing expert being just as important to your family’s health.

For instance, if your family member is complaining of issues with their ears, Imperial Health offers a number of different appointments and check-ups for your family, including earwax removal.

Create a Healthy Daily Routine

It is also important to create a healthy daily routine to instil good habits in your family and ensure that these are continued even when you are not there to oversee them. For instance, every member of your family should be proactive about brushing their teeth twice a day, and you should encourage your family to commit to daily walks or a lack of snacking within their routine.

You should ensure your family eats three meals a day, that they stay hydrated, and that they each have regular sleep routines that can boost their immune system and give them more energy and concentration throughout the day.

Encourage Exercise

Exercise works with healthy diets to create a good immune system and prevent later health conditions, and it is important that the children in your family exercise for 60 minutes a day, while the adults carry out 150 minutes of physical exercise a week. This can include a number of family exercises, such as hiking and walking, cycling, or team sports such as football or basketball, which are easy to play within your garden. You can also encourage exercise by getting your family to join sporting clubs near you.

Cook Healthy Meals

Healthy meals are key to a beneficial lifestyle, and you should avoid eating at restaurants in replacement of healthy home-cooked meals. These should include food from the five groups, including fruit and vegetables, and should avoid preservatives such as salt. You should also cut down on your family’s sugar intake and replace this with healthy snacks, such as fruit or yoghurts. You should also replace white grains with wholemeal, eat high fibre carbohydrates, and eat more fish-based meals.

Educate Your Family Members

Lastly, to ensure that your family continues your good work, you need to educate them on their health and the importance of having a positive routine. For kids, there are many activities, worksheets and online resources that you can try to keep your kids engaged with their health.

Collaborative Post


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