Stickle Bricks Fun Tub Review

Product sent in return for an honest review

There’s nothing better than introducing my own children to toys I loved as a child. Stickle Bricks launched in 1969, they’ve been around for decades and have spanned generations. I remember them vividly from my own nursery and reception days and always made a bee line for them at play groups.

We were recently sent the Stickle Bricks Fun Tub to add to our collection which I knew both my boys would be impressed with.

The Stickle Bricks Fun Tub is the perfect starter set for toddlers or those new to Stickle Bricks.  The reusable, red storage tub comes 69 colourful pieces in various shapes, a base plate, two sets of wheels and axles and some heads so you can create Stickle Bricks people.

Each of the bricks has ‘teeth’ along each side and edge which attach them to other Stickle Bricks really easily. They’re brilliant for little hands and help improve dexterity and motor skills.  The brightly coloured shapes allow imaginations to run wild, letting children construct shapes, vehicles and people easily.

The coloured shapes are also great for sorting games, counting games and helps encourage children to sort the pieces into piles of the same colour or shape.

My children are 8 and 3 so it’s often difficult to find a toy that they both enjoy playing with. However, they will happily lie on the floor together and create weird and wonderful creations without any arguing! Houses and vehicles always tend to be their favourite things to create.

I really like that the Fun Tub doubles up as a storage tub as it makes tidying up at the end of the day much easier. There’s enough space in the tub to take another set or two of Stickle Bricks too. I love brands that offer storage solutions for their toys, it always makes me more inclined to buy them.

Both boys love Stickle Bricks, they’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing with them and I can’t imagine they will grow out of them any time soon.

You can purchase the Fun Tub from The Entertainer for £23, it’s definitely one to add to the Christmas list.









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