What’s in your handbag?

What’s in your handbag?

The lovely people at are holding a fantastic competition to win a Mulberry Bayswater handbag, purse and phone case in a choice of colours.

What a dream come true this would be.

There are also 6 runners up prizes of £25 ASOS voucher, courtesy of Fashion Perks.

So … this is one of my two work bags. I take two with me each day. One containing all of my work related items, my headset, procedures documents and other dull and uninteresting things, that you’ll be glad you didn’t get pictures of ( I work in a Police control room).
The second bag I take to work is this one, my personal bag, which contains lots of bits and pieces that I seem to think are essential.
Too be honest my bag is looking petty tidy, I do keep my work one reasonably organised, but even for me it’s looking good, that’s not a common occurance though, I actually swapped bags quite recently, throwing away all my old receipts, bits of soggy chewing gum and one million kirby hair grips.
I’m known amongst my friends for always having the biggest handbag in the world, I envy those girls that can go out with a tiny clutch bag, but it’s just not me. I like to take EVERYTHING that I might possibly need, of course I might need 5 different types of paracetamol, 11 lip glosses and a sewing kit, who knows what can happen at a night at the pub!

My bag on this very organised occasion consists of –

Black faux leather bag – £12 from Primark (River Island copy that looks identical).

My current read – £1.50 purchased from my local charity shop

Jimmy Choo Flash perfume – £35

Molton Brown body lotion – £6

Real Techniques Stippling brush – £11.99

Oriflame lipgloss – £8

Revlon Lip butter – £6

Decanted mini of my Estee Lauder foundation – £27 (for the full bottle that lives at home)

Lancome Juicy Tubes mini – £5

Vaseline – £1

Tweezers – £1.99

Extra Chewing gum – 45p

Mini mirror – a freebie with some face wipes

Lion Bar – 55p (I never know when the need for chocolate may hit!

Beechams Cold and Flu – £3

Rennies – £2

French Connection glasses – £180

Spare pair pants – £5 (again, who knows when a 28 year old adult female may have an accident!

Facial wipes – £2 (perfect for any spillages, bad make up or dinner medals

Iphone 4S – £420

Purse – £20 – it’s got about £17 cash, some gift vouchers from our wedding and 37 thousand receipts and extremely important scrumpled up bits of paper.

I’m quite surprised by how expensive the bits in my bag are worth, especially considering this is my work bag and not my going or going shopping bag, which probably contain 5 times as much make up as this one.



  1. 26th August 2013 / 2:02 am

    You sure have a lot of expensive things inside your handbag that purchasing a handbag insurance is almost a necessity! LOL! It is good that you kept things organized. 🙂

  2. 2nd June 2016 / 6:31 am

    I think that’s a reasonable amount of stuff to have! I’m laughing at the pants!

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