Review – Lush Eau Roma

Review – Lush Eau Roma

What the company say

This toner is sophisticatedly simple and is intended for skins that need a little extra love and care. Dry, sensitive or mature skins will find the rose water is calming and reduces redness, whilst lavender water will soften the skin and balance sebum production. A gentle tonic for everyday use that will help hydrate the skin without causing it to overreact.

During the distillation process used to produce some essential oils, the steam used to separate the oil captures some of the properties of the plant and remains as a by-product. It is called distillate. Distillate is lovely to use on the skin – but there is not much of it and it is expensive. In this product we have tried to create that gentle therapeutic-oils-in-water effect, by making waters of rose and lavender oils in the correct concentration to benefit the skin.

We purchase our rose absolute from a family farm in Turkey. We fight over who is going to visit at harvest time each year, because it’s fascinating to see the oil being made (and who wouldn’t want a few days in rose fields under the Turkish sun!). For those who don’t get to go, we’ve filmed a glimpse of the process in our rose buying report.

Price and Stockists

This costs £3.95 for 100g bottle or £7.25 for 250g bottle, and is available from Lush in store and on their website.


The toner come in standard Lush packaging, plain black plastic container with white text. It’s recogniseably whilst being plain and simple.


I really like this. As I’d said previously, I suffer from dry skin and toner is usually a no go area for me, as it stings and dries my skin out even more. Since my husband brought this home from Lush, I’ve fallen in love!

It hydrates my skin, reduces the redness around the dry bits I get round my mouth and there’s no stinging.

The toner is transparent and has a soothing floral scent. It wouldn’t be my chosen scent, as I find it a little old lady like, but it doesn’t make me feel sick or anything.


Great for sensitive skin
Hydrates and cleans skin without causing any stinging
Easy to use


The smell isn’t great
A little expensive


This works well for me. It’s left not negative effects on my skin. My skin feels better and has remedied my dry patches. I was given a sample of Ultrabalm to use with this, as apparently they work well together, you use the toner to remove the Ultrabalm after cleansing, but I haven’t tried them together yet. I’ve been using this on cotton pads after washing my face, before using Body Shop Drops of Youth.

(Competition Win)


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