Pointless baby buys

I’m by no means a baby expert, having only been a Mammy for a little over three months, BUT …. I have discovered there are so many pointless baby things you can waste your cash on.

Prior to the Little Man joining our scene I went through every check list known to man, bought all the so called essentials and stocked up on all the things we thought/were told/fancied the look of. A little way down the line and I’ve discovered that at a lot of the essentials really aren’t all that essential at all.

Now some things aren’t completely unnecessary, instead just completely impractical. In my little list I’ll share with you my thoughts on some of the pointless baby items we either bought or considered buying.

Burp Cloths – We were given some as gifts and I also won a couple. They’re still sat in a drawer, unused and tagged. I just don’t see the point. They’re kind of kidney bean shaped and not really that big. If on the rare occasion I burp the Little Man over my shoulder I use a muslin cloth which is bigger and more practical. 

Portable dummy steriliser  – Bulky and awkward, surely another clean dummy would make more sense or some of those sterilising wipes you can buy, but if I’m honest, unless the dummy fell in something awful, I’d just give it a lick and give it back to The Little Man. Ours was taken out of its packaging and left on a shelf in the nursery, where it still lives to this day.

Nappy stacker – I never got round to buying one of these thankfully, as I couldn’t find one to match our nursery decor. I’m glad I didn’t waste my money. Since discovering the joys of nappy changing and realising the key is speed, on earth would you faff on taking nappies out of a bag and putting them into another (regardless of how pretty it is or how well it matches your wallpaper) for you to have to mess about during nappy change getting one out. I store our nappies in a nice wicker basket underneath the changing table, much more practical and in easier reach should you have a nappy dilemma.

Too many clothes – It actually makes me sad how many clothes we’ve bagged up, that have either been worn once or not worn at all. It’s such fun going ‘baby shopping’ especially in the early days of your pregnancy, buying cute little outfits, what you don’t realise until after your baby is here if you don’t need even quarter of the outfits you’ve bought. Babies grow too fast, and you really do only need a handful of vest, baby grows and outfits. Drawers filled to the brim are not only a waste of money but they’re a waste of space.

I’ve made a mental note to never ever buy a new parent baby clothes again, gift vouchers or cash all the way. 

I’ll also add in to this section – awkward baby clothes. Unless it’s got buttons down the front and easy access for bum changes, don’t waste your money. Have you ever thought about how difficult it is getting a tiny baby into a shirt and waistcoat?! Yes, I agree, they look absolutely adorable BUT it’s never going to work. Baby will be uncomfortable and you’ll be on the verge of a breakdown by the time you’ve forced their flailing arms and legs into the outfit, and don’t even get me started on nappy changes in anything denim!

Which brings me on too –

Baby shoes – Personally Why does a new born baby need a pair of trainers or a trendy pair of loafers? Your baby needs a cozy pair of socks that won’t fall off or a romper suit with built in feet.

After the birth of our Little Man we received so many gifts of baby toiletries. We actually had a 31 of bottles and containers of shampoos, body washes and talc. I know this because I’ve just looked at the photo of the products that I ended up selling. For us, completely pointless as our baby has funny skin. We use Miamoo products which are natural and don’t cause irritation.

Nappy disposal unit – Am I the only one who finds these a bit disgusting? Why would you keep a stockpile of dirty nappies in a bin in your nursery? Not only are the refill cartridges expensive, but isn’t it just as easy to bag a dirty nappy in a nappy bag and put it in the bin?! I decided against buying one of these purely because I think they’re a bit yak. 

Cot bumpers –  I bought some of these to match the other items in our nursery, and they live in a box under the cot. When the cot is fully made up it looks so sweet but in reality don’t waste your money, because bumpers, comforters and pillows increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

So there you go … some of the more pointless baby items I’ve found. 

Are there any other completely pointless baby buys you’ve found or is there anything on my list that you absolutely love?

I’ll be doing a list of my favourite baby buys very soon. 



  1. 8th June 2014 / 10:18 pm

    My mum had my baby brother last year and I've helped out loads changing him etc and she's had the same problem. When he was on his way, we all bought lots of cute little outfits and things but he didn't even get through half of them! I agree, it is a waste of money and space. We just didn't realise how fast little ones grow!
    Great tips 🙂

  2. 8th June 2014 / 11:00 pm

    Totally with you on nappy stackers. Ive literally just out it away because it's annoying the crap outa me!

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