How To Get Work By Freelancing

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Ever fancied yourself as a freelancer? Freelancing allows you to work independently for yourself, choosing the clients that you want. If you’ve got a skill to offer and are looking for a new job, freelancing could be the perfect solution. But just how do freelancers find work? Below are just several ways in which you can seek out clients.

Sign up to an agency

Signing up to an agency is often the simplest way to find stable work as a freelancer. Customers approach the agency and the agency staff then distribute this work to each of the agents. This is common with trades like graphic design, writing, construction labour and beauty. It’s a bit like working for a company, but ultimately you still have freedom as to what work you want to do and how much of it you want to take on. Some people are happy getting all their work via an agency, while others may use it as a fallback. Often the agency will set the prices and may set certain guidelines to follow, which could be a drawback for some people who want complete control over their work.

Search freelance job sites

There are many sites dedicated to freelance work – the most famous being the likes of Fiverr and Upwork. Customers approach these sites and then advertise the service that they want. Freelancers then may then have the chance to win work by bidding for it. In other cases, work may be won on a first-come first-serve basis. Unlike working for an agency, you’ll be competing with other freelancers for work, however there’s more freedom to choose the customers you want and the potential to score higher paid jobs.

Contact potential clients directly

Another way to win over work is to directly approach clients who you think may need your service. If you’re a freelancer website designer, you may be able to win over work simply by finding websites that you think need improving and then contacting the website owners directly. Emails are the most common way to do this, however you may be able to contact potential clients using phone calls, physical mail or even going door-to-door. This is the hardest way to win over work but gives you the most freedom as to the clients that you want to work with.

Attract clients with a website and social media

Through various forms of digital marketing, you may be able to attract customers to you. If you’re a freelance wedding photographer, you may be able to find work simply by setting up a website and social media pages. Investing in SEO and social media advertising will help you to gain more exposure online. Other forms of marketing could also be worth trying such as newspaper ads, posters and PPC ads – however a website and social media are likely to get you the most work.

Make use of networking

You may be able to find work simply by knowing the right people. By getting acquainted with local business owners or talking to friends and family, you may be able to encourage recommendations. Connecting with fellow professionals on LinkedIn, handing out business cards to people you meet, joining local business groups and attending conferences/trade fairs are all great ways of networking and building the right connections. 



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