Tips for Travelling With Little Ones

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Travelling doesn’t need to top when you have a child but it can often feel more difficult or a bit stressful. Children are unpredictable and travelling smoothly will always require  forward planning and preparation for all eventualities. 

Here are some things to consider when travelling with children :-

Take Your Time

If you travelled prior to having children, you’ll feel familiar with the stress of airport process, catching connecting flights and delays. Airports are usually busy places with people rushing about. Planning ahead and adding extra time to your journey will hopefully mean less time rushing around.

Where possible, let children sit take in their surrounds.  Particularly if it’s your child first trip, the unknown can be very scary for young children and airports are filled with unfamiliar experiences, people and stresses.

Explain what is happening, time scales and remind them regularly of their impending adventures. A happy child, makes a happy holiday.

Avoid Overpacking

If you take all of the things you need to take on holiday with you, chances are you will need an additional suitcase that will cost more to put on an airplane. In terms of cost versus convenience, most of the time, you’re best to buy the things you need at your destination. Choose you luggage wisely, a easy to manoeuvre suitcase is a must and a well stocked parent backpack. If you’re using a backpack as hand luggage make sure you have important things like snacks, nappies and small toys at the top so you can get to them quickly if needed. 

Keeping a checklist of essential items will help ensure you don’t pack too much. 

Consider your travelling times 

Depending on the age of your child, it may be helpful to book flights or travel around nap times if you can. It is less likely to disrupt sleep patterns if some of the travelling  is done while your child is asleep. It’s also handy to bring something from home to comfort them at bedtime, a pillow or a blanket they use at home will likely be well appreciated at bedtime. 

Label Them 

Again, this tip depends on the age of your child, but it’s especially useful for young children who might wander off on their own in a busy place like an airport or a theme park. Writing your contact number on their arm or on a sticker could be a life saver if they end up wandering off somewhere unfamiliar. 

Plan Ahead 

One of the best tips you can have for travelling abroad with young children is to plan ahead. Organise your trip into categories such as travel, food, entertainment, trips, budget, packing etc. Under each category, you can have an itinerary that allows you to enjoy your travels with less stress. 


Make sure you have plenty of things to keep your child entertained. Sticker books, paper and pencils and electronics are all great ways to keep your child entertained on a long journey.

Pack a change of clothes

If your child is prone to travel sickness or smearing snacks on themselves, a change of clothes could be very handy. You can always clean up with baby wipes before getting them changed into a clean outfit.

Travelling with children can be lost of fun but the key is to plan ahead.

Good luck!



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