BRIO Lift & Load Warehouse Set Review

I’ve raved about our BRIO obsession many times on the blog. The little man has an impressive collection that can literally take up the downstairs floor of our house. It’s one of the things that both Hubby and I enjoying playing with, with the little man and something that encourages him to be creative and imaginative.

The little man was kindly sent the BRIO Lift & Load Warehouse set set to add to his collection and we’re all very impressed. The set comes with a lot of parts and there are various different ways to construct it. The set comprises 31 pieces including an orange train, workman figure, a yellow forklift truck, 1 wooden wagon, 1 wooden load for the wagon, 2 red stacking bridges, 1 train lift building , 1 wooden buffer, 7 plastic supports, 15 pieces of wooden track.

The first couple of times the little man set up the Lift & Load Warehouse set, he needed a little help from us. Younger children might need a little bit of help balancing the bridges and using the supporting pieces to hold them up. It didn’t take him long to grasp how to set it up himself though and he can quite easily create his own layout now.

The box shows different ways in which the set can be put together but to be honest, BRIO is so versatile, it can be made into anything your child wishes, particularly if you’re like us and already own various sets from the BRIO World range.

The Lift & Load Warehouse is made primarily from plastic, other than the wooden track pieces. Whilst it’s not really an issue now, I do wonder if the plastic pieces are as long lasting and durable as the wooden ones.  We own wooden BRIO trains and tracks from my own childhood that are still going strong, I hope the plastic pieces last just as well.

Once the two pieces of the main lifting tower are put together, I don’t think there is a way to take them apart. It’s quite a large piece so you will need something relatively large to store it in.

The main thing that the set focuses round is the lift which can transport one vehicle ( or train) to different levels by turning the winch. This is definitely the little mans favourite bit and he loves that it moves up and down. The downward spiral of the tracks means vehicles travel quite fast, running down the track after they’ve been released from the lift.

The BRIO Lift & Load Warehouse is a fab stand alone toy for anyone new to BRIO but also a great addition to any BRIO collection. It’s a lovely extra to add to the rest of the little mans ‘BRIO World’.

The BRIO World Lift & Load Warehouse Set is suitable for children aged 3 and over and has an RRP of £89.99. It’s one of the more pricey BRIO sets but given the amount of time the little man has played with it already, I’d say it’s worth the money.

Be prepared for your house to look like mine!

Do you like BRIO toys?

We were sent the play set in return for an honest review.


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