4 months old – baby update

4 months old – baby update

My lovely little boy is 4 months old already. He’s so grown up and the days are flying by.

He’s learnt to do so many new things and seems to grow right in front of my eyes.
He now grabs at things and holds his rattles and toys, he can manage to manoeuvre them round so he can chew them. He loves to watch his hands and seems mesmerised by them. 
He tries to sit up! I don’t think it’ll be long. He’s obsessed with lifting his neck and head off whatever surface he’s lying on and grunts impatiently when he can’t get up completely. He happily sits up against the back of the settee or if he’s propped up with cushions. He’s got some balance and can hold himself sat up for a few seconds but then lolls to one side.

He’s become a total milk monster. He’s downing 7oz bottles and then wanting more within about 30 minutes so we’ve tied him with a little bit of ‘big boy’ food. He’s had some fruit puree and a got so excited. He was trying to ram the spoon further into his mouth, making a massive mess but enjoying every second.
He’s had a go in his jumperoo and loves it. We need to put a cushion under his feet but he jumps away and shouts at the animals on it.
Al of his little baby clothes have been bagged up until we decide what to do with them. He’s well into his 3-6 month clothes and looks like a little grown up when he’s all dressed up.
He loves being centre of attention and being talked too. He’s such a happy little chap UNLESS we’re trying to get him to go to sleep anywhere other than on Mammy or Daddy. He much prefers cuddles to fall asleep with than being in his cot. He’s still sleeping at the end of our bed in his crib at the moment and usually only waking up once during the night. He’s getting bigger every day so it won’t be long before he’s too big for his crib and has to go into his cot and his own room.
He’s become obsessed with chewing the end of Daddy’s nose and gets so excited and screeches until he can get hold of Daddy’s hair to pull him close enough.
He’s enjoying being on his tummy much more now and will happily play on his play mat whilst trying to push his legs up in an attempt to get moving.  
He loves the bath and loves to splash around. He’s almost too big for his baby so we’ll have to start using his bath seat in the big bath soon. He’s had is first Water Babies swimming lesson and absolutely loved it. No tears at all, he was full of smiles and enjoyed splashing around while Daddy held him.

We’ve booked our first family holiday. We’re off too Eyemouth just North of Berwick in two weeks for a little caravan holiday. Fingers crossed its sunny so The Little Man can have his first visit to the beach.

I feel so lucky to have my gorgeous little man. He makes me smile every day, I love his cheeky little chops.


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  1. 9th March 2016 / 8:54 am

    Now he is 2 years and 1 month old! 😀
    How is he?

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