17 months old

17 months old
He’s a little monster! He doesn’t sit still for a moment and is constantly making a mess. His new trick is climbing, we caught him trying to climb into the attic the other day. 
He doesn’t seem to have picked too many new things up this month. Most of his words are still the same, though he will repeat the sound of things you say. 
He’s started to do the most annoying whinge, He does it when he’s tired or when he can’t get his own way. I haven’t quite learnt how to tune it out yet!
He’s been great this month. His two lower first molars have come through and they have caused him a few niggles but thankfully no sickness or nasty nappies this time. He’s got 10 teeth completely through – front four at the top, front four at the bottom and the  molars. I can see his lower second molars poking through at the back too but they’re not completely cut yet. 
Clothes and shoe size
He’s still in 12-18 in his clothes but we tried him in 12-18 month baby grows the other day which were far too tight on the legs. I don’t think it’ll be long before he moves up to the next size. He’s completely into size 4 shoes now too. 
Eating is a still a little hit and miss. Sometimes he will wolf things down and others, take one mouthful and then refuse anything further. He’s stopped having a bottle of milk most mornings now. He still has 9ozs of cows milk in a bottle at night and occasionally one during the day to help him nap. 
I think he enjoys breakfast the best. It’s the one meal he eats without a fuss. He loves all kinds of cereal, brioche, toast and particularly anything Daddy has on his plate. 
He’s gone into his big boys bed now. He’s been in for a week or two and is doing really well. He seems much more settled than he ever did in his cot. He still likes to come in for a snuggle with us on a morning but he’s mainly sleeping through in his toddler bed. 
His bedtime routine is a lot more set now. He has tea, 30 mins play, then usually a bath, bottle, bedtime story and sleep. It’s usually quite straight forward. 
He is mainly just having one nap a day now, for an hour or so in the afternoon. It’s often a nightmare to get him to have that though. If he doesn’t have it he becomes a demon child by 5pm. 
What we’ve done this month
We’ve spent lost of time in the garden. I finally dropped down to part time hours so I’ve had more time to do things with the little man. We’ve been on lots of walks, swimming and visited our local farm.
Tractors or anything with wheels. He’s still obsessed with Tractor Tom he insists on watching it on Mammy or Daddy’s phone. 
Books, he loves sitting looking through his books, pointing things out and squealing
Puddle jumping. As we’ve had some rather rainy weather in the North East he’s made the most of jumping in puddles. We bought his very first wellies and he loves splashing in puddles with them. 
Playing with water. He loves his Little Tikes pirate ship and loves splashing in the water, or pouring it out into my plant pots!
Hoovering. He insists on hoovering with my Dyson hoover. He loves using the hardwood floor attachment and running it round the kitchen!
Being told no. He still hates it and now does an actual scowl when he’s not allowed to do some/
Coming in from being outdoors. He hates having to come in the house, particularly at the end of the day. 
Narna – banana
niner – bottle (9oz)
Tacta – tractor
dirty – dirty
nine – mine
Hiya – hiya
dica – dicky bird
digga – digger
Things he can do –
Point at his main body parts or anyone elses
Try to put his shoes on
Spin round in circles
Clap his hands (and feet!)
Climb up onto everything
Colour in
Put his toys away
Sweep the floor/hoover
Points at his nappy when he’s had a wee or poo


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