Graham and Brown – Industrial trend

Graham and Brown – Industrial trend

As an ambassador for Graham and Brown, this month I’m looking at the Industrial trend within home interiors.

“Industrial is the stripped-back one, the one with character and edgy features. Unlike the
other trends, this one takes things for what they really are and encourages us to strip things
back, even if they are a little imperfect.” 

Bringing raw, stripped back material such as metals and brickwork which are usually thought of as outdoor textures, into the home.

The combination of rough and uneven textures combined with metallic tones may seem quite stark and harsh for an interior but the Industrial trend has a much cosier side. The warm colours from the metals make it an ideal trend for the Autumn months, and with some strategically placed accessories you can still have a warm and cosy room, perfect for the colder months.

When I think about the Industrial trend at home, I think of Loft loving, large open spaces, quite possibly a loft apartment in New York, lots of open plan living, bare walls, exposed pipes and beautiful wooden floors.

From all of the Graham and Brown trends I’ve covered this year, I think the Industrial trend is my favourite. You don’t need to live in a huge apartment to introduce the Industrial trend to your home, simple styling and the use of accessories can completely change the look of a room. 
In fact a simple way of incorporating the Industrial trend into you home is by using smaller decorative items like this eye catching metal Cogsworth clock
I love the use of metal and the exposed cog design. The clock is striking and is the perfect fit for the Industrial trend without exposing brick work or bringing large pieces of raw wood into your home. 
Do you like the Industrial trend? 


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