The Best Ways To Save Money On A Family Trip

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A family holiday can be one of the most expensive things to plan. At least 4 people are going away for around a week, with accommodation, food, and entertainment needed that whole time – it can cost a small fortune! It’s why so many families are out there trying to save money on their holiday plans from day one, but it’s getting harder and harder to do so. It’s why staycations are so popular right now. But it’s not yet impossible to cut the price! Here are some tips to keep in mind before the summer rolls around.

Kids Often Go Free (or discounted!)

Kids under 5 usually get into any place free, but kids up to the age of 11 or even 15 can also get into many places free as well. Do your research well ahead of time and see what ticket discounts you can score – even half priced tickets will tip some cash back into the piggy bank to be used elsewhere. And don’t forget about all the free attractions you can get into as well, including museums, galleries, famous monuments, and beaches. 

Get an Average on Local Prices

The price point of your destination isn’t just about what you’ll be paying for the flights and hotel. You’ll need to know the cost of eating out, buying gifts, and attending attractions. Comb through the local area to see what the costs are really going to be like. Get on review sites for some general advice, and always check out the local websites to see menus and product pages for more specific information. This way you can estimate your travel budget a lot better, and finally find out if it’s cheaper to eat in the hotel restaurant or not!

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch Out the Destination

If the place you want to go is getting too expensive, go somewhere else that’s just like it. If you want to book a skiing holiday in Switzerland, looking into Skiing holidays to France instead is a good compromise. Or if you want to visit Italy, visit surrounding countries like Romania or Bulgaria instead. Simply look up comparable places online that you could travel to instead and see if changing plans would save you any money; 9 times out of 10 it’s your best bet! 

Pick Your Moment Well

Of course, the time you decide to go is a big factor in how much the trip will cost. If you go in the height of summer, you’re going to be paying premium prices with little wiggle room. But if you decide to go in the early autumn, or the late spring, you’ll have much more success with saving some money. These aren’t ‘peak’ times, because the holiday periods are shorter (and colder!) and adults are usually working. But if you can get some time off, these will be the best times to head abroad. 

Family trips can cost upwards of £1000. Cut that cost with some clever preparation. 


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