How to Show Your Partner You Really Care About Them

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In healthy relationships, the couple will go through a lot together. There will be highs, lows, and everything in between. Some of your best moments will be shared with this person. No matter what the state of your relationship is, it is important to show that person that you care about them. This could be even more important during or after a difficult time. Whatever happens, you know you want to be with that person, and you want them to be happy. The good thing is that there are a lot of ways to show that person you care, and below we have highlighted a few:


There is nothing more frustrating than feeling as if your thoughts and feelings are being ignored or misunderstood. Miscommunication is at the heart of most conflicts, and if you want your partner to believe you really care about them, then you need to listen to them. So spend time asking them quotations and listen actively to their responses, allowing them to communicate their feelings without you interrupting. Show them you understand them. Understanding is key to a healthy relationship. 

Ask Them How They Are

This is very simple and effective. Asking them honestly how they are can go a long way to resolving issues before they erupt. Just as importantly, you should ask just to see how their day was, how work was, etc. It shows you are interested in their life outside of you.

Limit Screen Time

How easy is it to sit there with your partner and just scroll through our social media accounts or something else on your phone? Put the phone down and spend time together, watching something together, having a meal together. If you sit there night after night just scrolling, you are effectively living different lives. Lives are meant to be shared; what’s most important is the small things like sitting down together in the evenings.

Leave Them a Handwritten Note

When you know your partner has to get up extra early, or just for the Love of it, why not write a note and leave it somewhere they will see in the morning? This will start their day off right. Or how about leaving a note in their pocket or under their pillow? A little way to whisper sweet nothings without even being there.

Buy Them a Gift

No one knows your partner like you do, so if you want to show you care, why not buy them a gift? This could be something funny like a novelty gift or something serious like Van Cleef and Arpels jewellery. Why not surprise them with tickets to their favourite band? A gift is a great way to generate a smile and create a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Apologise and Move On

Disagreements are natural; we are never going to get on all the time. What is important is that you reconcile. So, no matter what, always talk and apologise to each other. Don’t sweat the small stuff, do not always have to have the last word, and let things go.



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