Being The Best Maid Of Honour: A Bestie’s Guide

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So, your bestie has handed you the coveted title of Maid of Honour. What an honour, right? But if you’re feeling a blend of excitement and “What have I gotten myself into?”, relax. Together, we’ll take a closer look into how to make this journey unforgettable for both of you.

Understanding The Role: It’s More Than Just A Title

Being a Maid of Honour is not just about shining in beautiful attire. This role is a cocktail of fun, responsibilities, and endless support. You’re not just a bridesmaid; you’re the chief bridesmaid. Think of yourself as the bride’s right-hand woman, especially when things get a bit whirlwind-ish.

Communication: It’s A Two-Way Street

Make time to sit down with your bride-to-be. Get the lowdown on her vision for the big day. Understand what she expects, what she dreams of, and most importantly, how you can help bring it all to life. Remember to regularly check in with her too. Whether it’s a quick coffee catch-up or a lengthy chat, being present can be invaluable.

The Bachelorette Party: Her Night, Her Way

Sure, wild nights and dance-offs are classic, but maybe she’s into a calming spa retreat or a weekend wine tour. The goal? Reflect her personality. And while we’re talking about it, ensure you’re mindful of everyone’s budget. Planning something everyone can enjoy without breaking the bank is key.

Leading The Bridesmaid Brigade

As the head of the bridesmaid crew, it’s your task to ensure things run smoothly. Check in with everyone about their dresses, shoes, and other essentials. If disagreements pop up, as they sometimes do, it’s your role to mediate and ensure harmony prevails.

The Day-Of Survival Kit: Because Life Happens

Prepare a small kit with essentials: safety pins, tissues, touch-up makeup, maybe some granola bars. You never know when the bride or a bridesmaid might need something. Think of it as your Mary Poppins bag, saving the day one item at a time.

Emotional Support: Being The Rock

Weddings are emotional roller coasters. Some days she might be on cloud nine, other days she might be stressed about how to order a wedding cake online. On those days, lend an ear. Sometimes all she needs is someone to listen, and other times she’ll value your advice.

Cherished Moments: It’s In The Little Things

Consider gifting her something that represents your journey together. It could be a photo book, a heartfelt letter, or a trinket from your shared past. Also, when it’s time for speeches, pour your heart out. Share anecdotes, well wishes, and let everyone feel the depth of your bond.

Adaptability: Embracing The Unexpected

No matter how well things are planned, there might be a hiccup or two. The key? Stay calm and adapt. From an unexpected rain shower to last-minute changes, maintaining a composed demeanour will reassure the bride and everyone around you.

Leaving A Mark

Being the Maid of Honour is not just about tasks and responsibilities. It’s about creating unforgettable moments, supporting your bestie, and relishing the journey together. So, as the wedding day draws near, remember that your role will be etched in memories long after the day has passed. Embrace it, enjoy it, and know that you’re making a difference.


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