4 Reasons to Love Ashes Jewellery

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Commemorative jewellery made with the cremation ashes of family members or pets is an excellent way to keep their memory alive. In some respects, it is like keeping them close to you every day. This is why ashes jewellery is becoming such a popular way to commemorate the passing of our loved ones.

It is rare to see such a range of jewellery that has been carefully curated to be appealing to a wide demographic. This is necessarily the case with ashes jewellery as there is no guarantee when someone will pass away. Young women will often want to buy rings and jewellery that complement what they currently have, and this is where the customisation options come into their own. If you want the jewellery to be white gold, it will be. If you would instead like everything to be silver, this is also something that can happen.

We have listed four more reasons below why you should love Ashes with Art and their jewellery range.

The Jewellery is Beautiful

This sounds like it should go without saying, but the jewellery that the master craftspeople at Ashes with Art make is stunning. Every piece is both handmade and made to order. The cremation ashes in the piece are either an integral and prominent part or a special hidden compartment. This depends on the design you choose, as you can opt for either.

You are able to choose which precious metals and stones are included in the jewellery and ensure that everything about it is tailored to your taste or to that of your dearly departed if you feel that would make you feel closer to them.

The Huge Range of Available Options

At Ashes with Art, there are over 150 possible permutations when choosing product styles and materials. This allows for most people to find something that will be to their taste. Some people don’t like particular types of jewellery, or like how they look on other people but not on them. Others like different items, and the beauty of having such a diverse range of options is that everyone can have what they want. If they cannot find what they want, they can even request that something be custom-made.

The Uniqueness of Your Jewellery

All of the jewellery is handmade, and the ashes that are used to make the jewellery will form different shapes from that of anyone else. This means that you are guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that nobody else has an exact replica of.

Although more people than ever before are buying ashes jewellery, it is still something that is relatively rare to see “in the wild”. This means that it has all the more impact when others do see it and ask about it.

Sharing Memories of Loved Ones

It’s good and healthy to have a time of introspection when losing someone close to you, but it is also healing and natural to want to talk about them and what they meant to you. These wonderful pieces of jewellery mean that you are going to be asked about them by multiple people worldwide. It can be hard to do this at first, as losing them will still be raw, but you will find that as more time goes by, it will get easier to do.

As time goes by, you will want to talk about them more often and share their funny stories and memories with others. This is a natural part of the healing process as we work through the grief, and this jewellery can help with that.


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