Review – Mr Nutcase

Review – Mr Nutcase

I love taking photographs particularly of my little man, Archie but I never do every much with them. If I’m lucky they my get put onto Instagram otherwise they just end up being saved on either my phone or laptop.
I was recently given the opportunity to try out a customised phone cover from Mr Nutcase. You can choose from designs online or make your own by adding a picture of your choice, in various different formats. I chose a simple design, using just one high quality picture of my dog, Archie.
The covers can be made to fit a variety of different phones as well as ipads and tablets.  

The cover I chose is the ultra light weight slimline Iphone 4S cover which can be purchased from the website for £14.95 which also includes free delivery.

It took two days for my phone cover to arrive in the post, which I thought was extremely quick.

The quality of the phone cover is good, but as I’ve only been using it a few days, I can’t really comment on how durable it is. It has so far withstood the deep dark depths of my handbag though without any scraps or peeling.

It’s made from plastic, and securely fixes onto the back of your phone without any issues.

Overall I’m impressed with the cover and think a voucher for the site would make a great present idea.

*I was sent the cover free of charge to review on my blog*


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