I’m getting married!

I’m getting married!

Oh my god I’m getting married!

It still shocks me when I hear myself say it, or write it. I still feel like I’m too young to be a bride to be, in theory I’m definitely not. I’m pushing 28 and my other half is 30, so I’ll definitely not be a gym slip bride! In my head I still feel 16 – looking in the mirror, I don’t look it!

After my partner proposed in November last year we decided on a wedding abroad, settling on Cyprus. It was a big decision to make and we spent hours trying to decide if it was the right choice, but we eventually came to the conclusion that it was.

We were unable to book through a travel agent, instead choosing a planner based in Cyprus, who has booked the date, time, reception, transport and flowers

We choose our own hotel and have changed some of the bits of the package, choosing our own photographer  Dimitri Katchis and hair and make up by Karen Hall and Renoir.

We decided on a church ceremony rather than a hotel or beach wedding, mainly due to the fact I hate the sand.

We choose the Troodos Mountains for the setting and St George in the Forest church, the name sounds so magical.

And the scariest bit? I won’t see any of it in real life until we arrive in Cyprus. Crazy or what?!

St George in the Forest church Cyprus I'm getting married in

Our reception will be held at a tradional Cypriot Taverna in a little tiny village.

Taverna in Cyprus

We have are staying in Cyprus for two weeks, in the luxurious 5 star  Elysium Hotel both before and after we get married.

Our friends and family are staying in hotels close by so we’ll be able to meet up and spend time together before and after the wedding.

We get married in just over 10 months – crazy times!!!


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