5 car safety tips

I’ve been driving for 13 years and tend to rely on advice from others and my own online research when it comes to car safety. I’m by no means an expert, so I always find it helpful to have some simple tips to follow, particularly when I travel with a little person.5 car safety tips

  1. Have your car regularly serviced. Whilst it may seem like an necessary expensive, it’s something you should definitely keep up to date with. I’m lucky that mine is included within my Mazda leasing plan but if it wasn’t I’d still have it done. Not only does it help if you intend to sell the vehicle at a later date, it also means any problems are recognised quickly and can be rectified at your earliest convenience.
  2. Purchase breakdown recovery. Regardless of the age of your vehicle, it’s worth having. My car is 2 years old and we recently returned to collect our car from the airport after a holiday and found it completely dead. We rang Green Flag who were there within 30 minutes and charged our flat battery in minutes. Breakdown recovery is a very reassuring product, particularly if your travel alone with small children.
  3. Check your tyres regularly. Ensure the air pressure is correct and your tyres are in good condition. Avoid buying part worn tyres if you can and buy the best quality tyres you can afford – tyre dealers such as Point-s offer a simple online option where you can pick your tyres and fitter with the click of a button
  4. Check your water and oil levels regularly, particularly if you’re driving long distances.
  5. Keep a blanket, phone charger and well stocked first aid kit with some sugary food items in your car. Should you ever become stranded you need to ensure you have things that will help should you have to wait for assistance.

Do you have any simple tips of your own?


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