Coping with hair loss after childbirth

Hair loss after childbirth isn’t something I knew about until I started loosing hair a couple of months after the little man was born. I’m not talking about a strand of hair here and there, I’m talking about huge fistfuls of hair that would come out when I showered or even if I just thought about brushing it.

Whilst I know know it’s a common post-partum side effect, it’s not something I was expecting and it really worried me. Not only did I loose quite a lot of hair, the hair that remained became extremely thin and lifeless.

Once you’ve given birth, your estrogen levels reduce which can cause more hair follicles to go into the resting stage. The hair loss usually this lasts for around 6 to 12 months after birth, before your hair starts to return to normal.

Sadly, my hair has never returned to normal. I still had pretty severe hairloss until the little man was around 20 months old and my hair has been trying to ‘fix’ itself ever since. I’ve tried everything possible to restore some lustre into my locks and while I save up for a hair transplant cost, I’m trying to take note of the following tips below.

Stop using heated hair tools

As tempting as it may be, try and go au natural. Repeated use of heated appliances on your hair ( even if you use heat protecting spray) can damage and weaken newly grown hair.

Choose a new style

Changing your hair style can make a massive difference. Adding layers to your hair cut can make it look thicker and stronger. I find my hair looks much better when it’s a dark colour. The thin patches look less obvious and my hair looks much glossier than it does when I dye it blonde.

Use dry shampoo or texture powder

Adding dry shampoo or texture powder to your roots can help make it look thicker and more volumised. They’re particularly useful if you’re wearing your hear up.

Wear bright lipstick

If you feel self conscious about your hair, wear bright lipstick. It helps draw attention away from your hair to your lips – just make sure you don’t have it on your teeth!

Ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and nutrients

Vitamin C,Vitamin, B7, Vitamin B3 and Niacin which is found in fish like tuna and salmon, poultry, roasted peanuts and mushrooms has all been proven to help with hair growth. I try and include as many vitamins and nutrients in my diet as much as possible in the hope that it encourages my hair to grow.

Dis you suffer from hair loss after childbirth? Do you have any ways to help it grow back?


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