Why Skating is a Great Way to Keep Kids Active

Whether you call it in-line skating, rollerblading, blading or just plain skating, it’s a fantastic way for young and old to stay active. And because I have little ones, who really enjoy being busy, I’m going to focus on the benefits to kids of whirring around on wheels.

The Fun Factor

Firstly, it has to be said that skating is quite simply a laugh. Who doesn’t like the feeling of being able to fly on your own two feet? If you watch anyone under the age of ten (or over, for that matter) putting on a pair of skates and then trying them out, you’re sure to see a smile. Kids just love attempting new things. They also love going really fast. So, rollerblades really do deliver a double whammy in the fun department.

The Confidence Factor

Everyone knows that moving about is good for your little ones, but you might not be aware that recent government studies have shown that exercise even improves confidence. So, while your kids are learning the ins and outs of skating, they will also be gaining valuable doses of self-assurance which they can carry into the rest of their lives.

The Wow Factor Let’s face it: kids love new bits of kit. And proper rollerblades from a company like Proline Skates could really get them excited. When kids are excited, they’re active and happy – which is a great thing. Plus, you’ll be pleased too in knowing that you have chosen equipment which meets safety standards. So, everyone will be smiling.

The Skill Factor

Skating doesn’t require strength – only balance – which makes it really accessible when it comes to learning. As your little ones improve, they could discover how to roll along and turn with real proficiency. These skills can be transferred to other sports and activities – from football and cricket to gymnastics and even skiing – because just about everything relies on poise.

The Friends Factor

Because skating isn’t usually a competitive sport, kids can learn together without becoming rivals. They can also meet other kids who enjoy skating, especially if you take them to parks or skateparks. So, skating might just open a window into a whole new world of friendship.

All in all, skating is a fun, exciting way for kids of all ages to stay active, with plenty of advantages. What’s more, it’s something that goes beyond being a sport and could really allow your kids to express themselves as individuals.

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