5 DIY Baby Skincare Ideas You Can Make at Home

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There’s no skin quite like a baby’s skin. It is immaculate, delicate, ultra-soft and therefore, requires a lot of special attention. One quick walk around the supermarket and you will find thousands of baby skincare products for cleansing, moisturising, bathing, and more. 

Major beauty brands produce a lot of the products on sale and don’t contain high-quality ingredients that are best suited to your baby’s skin. If you want top-quality, it means paying a lot of money. 

One way to ensure your baby is getting the best quality ingredients for their skin is to create your own baby skincare products at home. All you need is the cosmetic ingredients and a little bit of time on the weekend. You’ll also save some money in the process.

Here are five baby skincare product ideas you should have a go at doing yourself.

One Simple but Effective Moisturiser 

Everybody’s skin is different, and that includes baby’s skin too. Off the shelf products are designed for average skin types and are not necessarily the best option for your baby’s skin.

Take a look at the ingredient list of the current moisturiser you use for your baby. It probably includes a massive number of ingredients with long and complicated names. Your baby’s skin only needs one ingredient to keep their skin healthy, hydrated and smooth: pure coconut oil.

Coconut oil is easily absorbed and is edible, so you don’t have to worry about them sucking their fingers or toes and worrying about what they’re ingesting.

Natural Baby Powder

All you need is arrowroot powder and chamomile essential oil to create a natural baby powder that doesn’t contain any talc as found in commercial brands. Talc has been a contentious issue for a long time. The science linking it to cancer is unclear, yet many people have won in court against the likes of Johnson & Johnson for claiming ingredients in their talc products were responsible for the defendant’s cancer. 

Despite the science being unclear, the natural alternative is probably a safer bet, just in case. 

Diaper Cream 

Once again, coconut oil comes to the rescue and is the perfect diaper cream. It works like a dream to prevent diaper rash and is cloth diaper safe too. Moving to cloth diapers can reduce the rate of diaper rash, and the coconut oil can help prevent and soothe any rashes that so occur. 

DIY Baby Wipes

You can find some great baby wipes on the shelves of supermarkets that are gentle to your baby’s skin, but single-use wipes come with environmental cost. You can now buy reusable cloth wipes that are soft on your baby’s skin, and because they’re reusable, you will save a fortune, as well as reduce your impact on the planet. 

You can also create your own baby wipes by purchasing some bamboo squares, olive oil, pure aloe vera and a natural bar of soap. Create the mixture and then store in a pump bottle for use whenever you need a wipe. Just pump some of the mixture onto the bamboo squares, ensuring they’re nice and moist before using. 

Baby Wash

It’s advised with newborn babies you only use plain water for washing. From four to six weeks you can introduce a small amount of mild soap. You can make your own baby wash at home using a very mild liquid baby soap, water, a few drops of essential oil and two capsules of vitamin E. Combined you have the perfect recipe for a safe, nourishing and hydrating baby wash. 

It’s simple to make and will save you a small some money too.


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