Taking tips from the Spanish for a healthier lifestyle

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The Spanish have the right idea when it comes to living well. They’re one of the healthiest nations and has one of the longest life expectancies in Europe, so they must be doing something right!

Perhaps we should adopt some of the habits of the Spanish –

Growing your own produce and shopping locally

Many families in Spain use allotments or gardens to grow their own produce. The climate is perfect for growing fruit, vegetables and spices so the have access to a good supply of healthy food. Those that don’t grow their own will often shop locally at markets which are in abundance across Spain. Whilst the weather in the UK isn’t necessarily the best for growing things, we can shop locally, buying from greengrocers and support local businesses.

Enjoy long leisurely lunches

Whilst it might not be practical to take a two-hour lunch regularly in this country, lunch is considered the most important meal of the day in Spain and is often a very social occasion and isn’t hurried.

Perhaps we should make more of an effort to dine out with family members, friends or work colleagues, as it’s a great way to spend time together and to let down your hair.

Take an extended holiday

Many businesses close during the month of August in Spain. Locals tend to head to their holiday homes or book onto camping holidays in Spain to take some well-deserved time out. In Spain, August is the month to enjoy some R&R, spend time with friends and family or escape the heat and buzz of the city for cooler, more relaxed locations. Wouldn’t it be great to take the whole month of August off work!? You could even sign up to some Spanish classes for travelers.

Take a siesta

There’s nothing I’d love more than to have a daily nap factored into my day. It’s not too common for those with job in Spain now but on weekends and holidays, siestas are encouraged as party of a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.

Scientific studies have proven that a short sleep after lunch time can provide health benefits by helping to reduce stress, improve alertness and boost your memory.

Learn not to rush

In Spain people tend to go with the flow, life is slower and more relaxed. Locals may seem a little lackadaisical which initially may be frustrating but just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the Spanish way of life. I think we can forget the important things in life while we’re rushing round, we should all make the effort to slow down the pace a little when we can.


The Spanish love to socialise. Whether it’s dining together, partying together or playing cards with the family.  It may seem like a obvious suggestion but we should make more of an effort to socialise. Step away from technology, stop scrolling through our phones and spend time together, have fun and meet new people.

I think I might move to Spain!

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