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Fruit and vegetables are essential ingredients in a healthy diet but I always think it’s hard work squeezing in the daily recommended amount of 5 a day. I have a slightly fussy toddler so I’m always looking for ways to ensure he eats enough fruit and veg without creating World War 3. Hiding and disguising it amongst the rest of his meal is difficult so I’ve recently turned to juicing to make sure we all get regular boosts of vitamins and nutrients from one small glass.

If you’re new to juicing – like me, the useful infographic below ‘a beginners guide to juicing‘ from Prestige Boot Camp is definitely worth a read. It features six of their favourite juices and details about the health benefits that each of them offers. Juicing-InfographicOnce you’ve invested in a decent juicer, playing about with flavours and ingredients is quite fun. You can write down recipes that have gone well if you’re experimenting, or you can follow recipes online, there are plenty of options. I’ve listed some of my favourite ingredients below to help you get started –

* Apples: High in antioxidants and detoxifiers – they’re great for the morning after the night before. They aid      digestion and are a staple ingredient in many homemade juices.

* Kale: is a great ingredient for a positive impact on your blood and skin. It contains dozens of vitamins and  minerals and although the murky green appearance doesn’t always look great, it actually tastes really good.

* Lemons: They’re great for upset stomachs as they’re very alkalizing.  They perfecting for adding a lovely a citrus tang to summer juices.

* Carrots: High in antioxidants and contain vitamins and minerals such a folic acid and B vitamins. They’re great to  use if you’re pregnant or have recently had a baby.

* Cucumbers: They have a high water content which is great for hydrating the body and it works well if you’re    juicing for weight loss.

* Ginger: Another one great for digestive upsets. Ginger is good for your immune system and can help with  allergies and colds.

While juicers can be a great help with weight loss, they will only be effective if used alongside other fitness plans, treatments and diets

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