A toddler sized Christmas Time

Earlier in the year I took part in the Toddler-Sized challenge which helped to encourage parents everywhere to turn the evidence based guidance on feeding toddlers, developed by the Infant & Toddler Forum, into something easy and practical, to take the guess work out of feeding toddlers well every day.

If you took part in the challenge you may have already seen the winners, you might have even been lucky enough to be one! However, you can check out the winners here.

Want to know more about makes a healthy toddler diet, whether it’s every day, or a festive day?  Try out the Infant & Toddler Forum’s festive menu to give little ones a healthy balance, while still enjoying some treats.  And the festive tips for active toddlers give lots of active play ideas.

Toddler menu and healthy hints and tips for a happy festive season

Christmas is a time for families to be together, to relax and to celebrate the season. It can also be a busy time with lots of extra pressure as families get swept up in the holiday madness of parties, shopping and cooking! In such a busy period, everyday routines may go out of the window, and it can be hard to keep track, and make sure your toddler is eating the right foods in the right amounts and in the right balance. Some toddlers may become extra sensitive as routine changes influence moods. Nap-times are essential for toddlers but at Christmas these may be later or cut short, not to mention meals and snacks may be rushed and regular activity may get forgotten.

To help make the most of this busy period, the Infant & Toddler Forum have developed resources to help maintain a happy, active and healthy holiday season for all. They have lots of festive tips for active toddlers with plenty of ideas to keep little ones busy.  The festive menu below is full of suggestions to give little ones a healthy balance at Christmas dinner, while still enjoying all the seasonal fun.

A recent parent survey (parents of children 1 – 5yrs) by the Infant & Toddler Forum found that:

1. Only 14% of parents follow the recommended serving frequency for each of the food groups when feeding their toddlers

2. Over a third (35%) are worried they do not give their children the right balance of foods and more than a quarter (26%) feel their child is not getting enough variety

3. Whilst 80% of parents correctly identified the key food groups that when combined form a balanced diet, only a third (28%) take the advice given to them by experts on what they should be feeding their children.

Do you stick to a balanced diet over the festive period?


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