7 Great Things To Do When You Retire

Many people look forward to retirement. A more leisurely approach to life, time to spend doing the things you’ve dreamed about and spending time with loved ones, what’s not to look forward too!?

However, we have no way of knowing what our health and mobility will be like as we get older. So here are some great ways you can enjoy your retirement whilst still staying active.

Challenge yourself

Set yourself a task to learn something new. Consider the term ‘ use it or lose it’.  Try to keep your brain as active as possible which can also positively affect your mental health and self esteem. Perhaps you could go back into education to study something you had an interest in whilst you were working, or what about learning a new language to put to use on a dream holiday? Attending a class or group can also help you to meet other people, retirement doesn’t mean your social life has to dwindle.


Retirement may be the first time you’ve had a proper chance for any ‘me’ time. Take some time out to relax, catch up on your sleep and or perhaps book a spa break where you can relax and unwind.

Spend time with your children and grandchildren

There’s nothing quite like a lively child to keep you on your toes. Whether they’re asking ‘why’ for the millionth time or making you realise you probably need to look at new stair lifts after yet another trip upstairs, they will definitely keep you alert and quite possibly, worn out!

When you are working it is hard to make time to see family and grandchildren, particularly if you’re working full time. Once retired, you can make regular plans to see them and even babysit if you can. Children will cherish the time they have spent with their grandparents when they’re older.

Find a focus

When you retire it can be difficult to get used to none structured days. You no longer HAVE to get up or be at a specific place for a certain time. Whilst this may be a nice change to begin with, you might want to find something to focus your time on. You could volunteer at a local play group, food bank or even at your local hospital. They will be grateful of your support and you can feel happy knowing you’re giving back your local community (on your own terms).


You might have dreamed about seeing the world when you retire. If your budget allows, why not plan to visit some of the places you’ve had on your bucket list? You won’t need to stick to specific dates so you can shop around for the best deals or even take an extended break.

Exercise and keep on top of your health

Doing regular exercise will help you stay healthy and potentially help to increase you life expectancy so you have even longer to enjoy your retirement.

Rescue an animal

Now you have more spare time, this could be the perfect opportunity to rehome or rescue an animal. Walking a dog can help add structure to your day and regular walks are a simple way of adding exercise to your day.

Have you got any suggestions on ways to enjoy your retirement whilst staying active?


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