Ways to prevent #DIYDisasters at home

Since we moved into our home we’ve been steadily working away, making repairs, having things updated and seem to be on a constant DIY mission.

We’ve made many mistakes along the way and had numerous #DIYDisasters however, we have learnt from our mistakes.

To try and prevent a #DIYdisaster follow the tips below. If however you still have an incident, companies like are on hand to offer support and advice.

Wear the correct clothing

It might be easier to throw on your old clothes but choosing the right clothing can help prevent any injuries whilst carrying out any DIY tasks.

Try and wear thick clothing or overalls which will keep your body safe and help prevent burns or any reactions from products.

If you’re using anything heavy, invest in a pair of steel toe capped boots to help protect your feet. Shoes with thick soles will prevent nails or screws penetrating and causing any damage to your feet.

Wear googles if there is even the slightest risk to your eyes.

Follow instructions

As silly as it sounds, follow the instructions! Sometimes you may think you know how something works or how to to use a certain tool, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to get it wrong. Before you pick up a tool, read the instructions, watch a YouTube video or ask for some advice so you’re certain about the task in front of you and any risks that may be involved.

Keep your tasks manageable

Taking on huge jobs will make you stressed and less likely to finish. Try and break down your DIY tasks into bite sized chunks and work through them slowly. If you have a deadline, ask for some assistance from friends or family members. You’ll be less likely to rush which could mean you take less care and end up hurt.

Use the right tools for the right jobs

It may seem unnecessary to buy new tools for certain DIY tasks but it could help prevent serious injuries. Using the correct tools of the correct jobs will help keep you safe and ensure your job is done correctly.

Call in a professional

Don’t feel embarrassed if you find you struggle with the task in hand. Don’t push your luck by taking unnecessary risks and over stretching your own capabilities. It’s much safer to contact a professional who can assist or do the job for you and they’ll have seen it all before!


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