Reuse and Recycle #MYSOCIALSPIRIT

I’ve recently been reading about the #MySocialSpirit campaign from Glasdon UK which is all about community spirit in 2018 and how each of us have our own responsibility to look after the environment especially when it comes to recycling.

Glasdon UK have produced a handy eBook which is filled with facts and figures about cup recycling and some of the ways we can help to ensure more cups are recycled each year.

I’m an avid coffee drinker, both at home and when out and about ( if I’m shopping I need a coffee in my hand) and was shocked to hear that a staggering 2.5 billion disposable cups are used in the UK each year. I’d always thought that you could throw them in the paper recycling bin and away they’d go. However, they’re actually sorted separately and have to go through a specialist plant process which is quite limited across the UK. It’s actually estimated that only 1 in every 400 are actually being recycled.

There are some simple ways in which you can help recycle or reduce the number of cups used –

Bring your own

According to YouGov Plc 84% of hot drink buyers are still using disposable paper cups. If you’re buying from a high street coffee shop, take your own refillable container or cup. Not only is it nicer to drink from something that resembles a ‘real’ cup more but most high street coffee chains offer discounts and other reward cards with stamps when you use a reusable cup.

Bring Work up to date

At work, discuss recycling initiatives and the implementation of special recycling bins for discarded hot drinks cups.  YouGov Plc figures revealed that 52% of consumers dispose of their coffee cup at work and that 88% of the nation would use a purpose-built cup recycling bin if one was available to them. Not only does it help the environment, if your work place is anything like mine, they’ll appreciate any staff suggestions.

Take a moment

Ask yourself whether you actually need to take your hot drink away. Could you give yourself 5 minutes? Use a proper cup and sit down, take a break and enjoy your drink sat down instead of on the go.

Keep hold of your cup

If you do decide to grab your hot drink and go, keep hold of your cup when it’s empty. Instead of throwing it in the nearest bin, drop it into one of the places that have the specialist recycling bins like Costa.

Do you use disposable cups often?

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