Money, Work & Education: Your Choices as a Stay At Home Mum

When you have children, your whole life changes. It is a massively positive change, but it does have an impact on what you were doing before, especially in terms of the career path you may have been on. It might not work out financially viable for you to go back to work after having children, and you may not even want to once your children are here. But the thing is, babies and children do cost money. And although you may have a partner with an income and you can make changes to your spending, you may still need to look for ways to generate an income, even just a small one to supplement your spending.

Working out of the home may be difficult, and other than that, there may not be many options for mums. Which is why you may see more and more mums starting businesses from home or taking a hobby to the next level, so that they can generate some form of income. But hearing the words ‘starting a business’ can feel quite daunting. It is all so official, right? But a business can be a business if it makes you money, no matter how small.

If going back to work isn’t right for you at the moment, then you could look for some ways to make sure that if and when you’re ready, you can go in at a higher level so that the money can be worthwhile. You could look to do something like a business management masters online and work it around your kids. You could hone your skills and keep abreast of all that is going on in the industry, so that you don’t feel too out of the loop when you go back to work.

Online Selling

You could start with just having a clear out of several items that you already have in the home. Of course, that can’t be sustained, so it can be a good idea to look at other ways to sell. It could be things that you create, or even things that you source and then sell on for a profit. It can be a pretty simple business plan. But as long as you are doing your pricing right, it can be a good way to generate an income and keep you busy at the same time.

Freelance or Consultancy

If you worked in a career before children that is something that all you need is a computer for, then you could quite easily do that from home too. You could work freelance in what you were already doing, with no pressure on the number of clients that you need; just taking it at your own pace. You will have skills that you have acquired, so why not use them to benefit the life of you and your family?

In the meantime, though, you could look to start something from home, that could even become your main thing if it all went well. So here are a few ways that you can make money from home, if right now going back into the workforce isn’t right for you.

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