Simple ways to help reduce your energy bills

The 1st of September saw the start of Autumn and no doubt the start of crisp and chilly mornings and a rise in your energy bills.

Here are some simple ways you can help to reduce your home energy bills.

Shut doors and use heavy curtains

Closing doors and closing heavy curtains will help retain heat in the rooms that you’re using. If you don’t want to splash out on new, heavier curtains, simply add a layer of thick cotton to the inside, it will line the curtains and help to keep out the cold.

Using lower temperatures when washing clothes

Unless your clothes are very dirty there is no need to use a wash higher than 30 degrees. Since we started using our Samsung Addwash washing machine we’ve reduced the temperature on almost all of our washing cycles. Over time the change will help to reduce the cost of our electricity bill.

Insulate your roof

A simple way to reduce your energy bills is by making sure the insulation in your loft is at the correct level. Whilst you may have glass or mineral wool in your loft already, make sure you check it’s depth. The recommend level is now between 25 and 27cms and can help reduce heat loss and your heating bills.

You can also check to see if you’re eligible for any help from the government to help make your home more energy efficient.

Update your windows

Ensuring that your windows are the best they can be will help reduce drafts,noise and help make your home more energy efficient. Check out ways you can upgrade your roof windows if you’re planning on making some changes.

Regularly review your energy supplier

It’s worth checking deals and offers to see if you can save money by changing your energy supplier. uSwitch are a comparison site that does the hard work for you. You can also use sites like Quidco and TopCashBack to save even more money.

Think before turning on the heating

It’s as easy as it sounds. When you start to feel chilly, consider the other options. You could put on another layer, snuggle up on the settee or do some exercise! There are many ways you can warm out without having to put on the heating.


Having a shower costs less than having a bath. Limiting the time spent in the shower will also help reduce you energy bills. It’d recommended that you spend two minutes in the shower, do you think you could manage that?

You do have any other tips for saving money on your energy bills?




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