Light in the dark: business office lighting schemes ideal for darker afternoons

Everyone knows the feeling when the afternoon office lull hits. You’re sitting staring at your screen looking through spreadsheets and documents, battling to keep your eyes open as the artificial lighting beats down on your eyes. But what if afternoons in the office weren’t such a chore, and the workplace was actually a place of comfort, where colours and lighting benefited the employee rather than matching the colours of the company. Here are just a few of the ways you can improve your office lighting on those gloomy afternoons and get your employees performing at their best.

Search for natural light

Natural light is one of the best remedies for day-time tiredness and is proven to provide us with those vitamins and endorphins that get the blood flowing and make us feel wide-awake. Any offices without a source of natural light will only sap your employees of energy and motivation. While there are now artificial natural light sources available, choose your office based on the amount of windows and natural light it has. Look for big windows and open spaces where you don’t have to worry about early afternoon darkness.

Look for energy efficiencies

In an era of climate change, it’s important that our lighting solutions are operating as efficiently as possible to help, you know, the environment. When developing a new lighting scheme for your office, always consider the effects of the lighting on your employees and the efficiencies of the bulbs you’re using.

Why not consider some lower wattage bulbs or energy-saving lighting from Pagazzi for a completely natural non-phosphorous office feel. While efficient lighting also benefits your employees and the environment, they’ll also save you a little bit in the pocket when completing your end of year finances.

Reduce glare using matte colours

What is it with corporate office spaces decorating their offices with some of the worst colour schemes known to mankind. You’d think that for places where your staff spend eight hours of their day behind a desk, you’d at least try your best to make the area as comfortable and stimulating as possible.

Just like in our homes, matte colours and warm tones are a great way of improving the atmosphere of any office and reducing glare. This, coupled with ambient lighting creates a holistic working environment where employees feel like they’re working, rather than having their lives sucked from them with starchy furniture and the blue glare of phosphorous bulbs.

Don’t turn your office into a corporate nightmare – seek the advice and products of Pagazzi lighting and some of the points mentioned in this article. It’s important for your staff to feel comfortable in their surroundings from winter through to summer. If your staff feel comfortable then you’ll get the best productivity and best results for your business. Pagazzi Lighting sells a range of contemporary lighting products perfect for brightening up your homes and office spaces on even the gloomiest of days.

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