Hygiene At Home – Things To Consider

The new #GloveIsAllYouNeed campaign from Brosch Direct is based around the concepts of germs and how they are transferred from hands to food if a lack of protection is in place. the campaign is a great reminder to encourage your children to think about hygiene from a young age which can mean a lot less upset tummies along the way.

Here are simple things to remember at home –


Whether it’s your hands, counters, equipment or even your oven, keeping things as clean as possible is important. Wash your hands before and after touching food, especially meat. Use hot soapy water and make sure you clean under your nails.

Wash up as you go. I find washing my equipment during cooking rather than at the end keeps me more organised and gives me more bench space.

Regularly change your washing up water, keep it hot and use good quality washing up liquid.

Hygiene isn’t just confined to the kitchen. When your children are feeling under the weather, encourage them to play with easy-to-clean toys, it means they can be washed easily and germs are less likely to be passed.

Remember to clean those easy to forget household objects like doorknobs, counter tops, keyboards, remote controls, and toys. They tend to be the items that collect the most germs but often the things we forget to clean.

Organise and separate

Keep things like eggs, raw meat and seafood away from the rest of your refrigerated items as these foods are the most likely to spread germs. When chopping and cooking with then, use a separate chopping board and make sure it is washed properly after each use.

Using separate towels for each family member can reduce the chance of germs spreading between each other.


Ensure everything you cook or reheat is done so at the right temperature. cooking food, follow the temperature instructions and timings on packaging and if you’re reheating foods, make sure they are heated through correctly before eating. Heat kills germs.

Change and wash bedding on a high temperature of they have been slept in by someone who is unwell.

By learning about how germs spread and how they can cause illness is important. Taking simple steps to keep your home clean can reduce the risk of colds, infections, and viruses spreading through your family.

Do you have any simple tips for hygiene in the home?


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