What does the colour of your home say about you? #ColourYourPersonality

When hubby and I bought and moved into our house 5 years ago, every single wall ( and parts of the ceilings!) were painted the same colour. The shade was ‘Toasted Almond’ and it was the most bland and dull colour you could imagine.

Everyone has their own individual taste and design preferences but I couldn’t wait to get rid of that hideous shade on all of our walls.

Julian Charles have recently published an e-book called Colour Your Personality all about colour psychology, and what the colours you use in our homes says about you. The ebook also tells you how to style some colours, and what you should pair with what.

Do you ever find that you’re drawn to a particular colour?I do, I’m always drawn more to muted, paler shades. Our kitchen and dining room are the same colour as our bedroom, a pale grey shade that I absolutely love.

It looks different on each of the walls. In the kitchen and dining room it looks bright and clean and in the bedroom it looks and feels so calm. Our stairs, until recently were an olive green colour which I’d never really liked, despite choosing it myself. We recently painted it a million times so that it’s white. It looks so much better and completely brightens up that area of the house. I think the fact I light quite calming colours, matches my personality.

I feel uneasy when things aren’t calm and I don’t cope very well with messy or jumbled situations.

In contrast to the pale shades throughout the rest of our house, our living room is painted a rather bright shade of yellow and I absolutely love it. It’s completely different to the rest of the house and it’s not muted in the slightest. It is toned down slightly with our grey sofa and furniture but I still think it’s pretty bright.

I like to think it’s another side to my personality, the slightly more hidden wild side that likes to make an appearance now and again.

What colours do you use in your home? Are you someone who loves bright, bold colours or are you like me and prefer more muted shades?

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