Five Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

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There are 12 million households that own pets with the most popular being a dog. You may be considering getting a dog. Dog ownership has increased recently with many people being at home so much that their furry friend has been a constant companion for them. However, before you take on a dog, there are some things to consider. From deciding on the type of breed to how you look after them and keep your home from smelling like a damp dog!

Forever Home

It is very true that dogs are for life and not just for lockdown or any other short period. Dogs require a forever home. This means being committed and dedicated to your dog throughout their life from the puppy stage to the older years. Are you ready to make that commitment?  


Do take the time to research the type of breed you would want to have in your home. While all dogs are cute and small at the puppy stage, some grow to quite a height. Research the breeds to ensure you are getting a breed that you can handle and that suits your lifestyle. Take into account the space you have in your home and whether you have a garden or live in a flat. All of these things should be considered before you make a decision. 

Time Commitment

There is a time commitment when you get a dog. When they are a puppy they will need training, they will need to be taken on walks, they will need fed, watered, and cleaned. Also, you can’t leave your dog at home while you go away for the weekend, you need to organise kennels or family to look after your dog. This will require planning, so ask yourself if you do have the time available to do this. 


All animals cost money. Dogs require an investment too. First off, buying a dog can be costly depending on the breed. Secondly, food is another expense you need to consider. There are plenty of food options available, learn more about food choices before you decide on a particular brand or mix for your dog. Another issue to consider is grooming and Vet fees that are associated with looking after your dog.

Pet Insurance

Taking out pet insurance is important. This helps with Vet bills and will give you peace of mind in case your dog becomes ill. Pet insurance will cover emergency as well as routine check-ups. Speak to your Vet about the regular vaccinations your dog might need to ensure they are healthy. 

Your Home

To ensure your home is suitable for your dog, you may need to ensure it is pet-proof. This means ensuring no toxic plants are sitting around for your dog to chew on, that your furniture is safe from scratches and nothing is dangling around your home that your dog may think is a toy to play with. You will also have to consider whether your dog is suitable if you have younger children at home.  


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