What You Should Know About Rocking a Moissanite Gemstone

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On first glance, it may be difficult to tell moissanite and diamonds apart. These gemstones are similar in almost every aspect – appearance, feel, toughness, and colour options. However, if you’ve spent ample time in the jewel world, spotting one from another will be a walk in the park. One factor that signifies a huge difference between both gemstones is the price.

When you think of the birthstone for April, diamonds pop up in your mind. But that doesn’t mean that moissanite pales in comparison to them – far from it. interestingly, some people believe that the naturally occurring Silicon Carbide (SiC) compound is a “gemstone born from the stars.” The reason for this notion stems from the fact that Henri Moissan, a one-time French chemist and pharmacist discovered the material in some rock samples near a meteor crater in Arizona.

Selecting Moissanite Based on Cut

Moissanite has a colour grading scheme, which ranges from colourless to coloured. However, in producing this gemstone, the cut comes into play. This element gives the material its sparkling appearance. For this reason, a jeweller must ensure that the crystal is cut accordingly. Additionally, it comes in varying shapes, including the most common one – the brilliant round cut. This option maximizes the fire of the jewel. What does this mean? It gives out the most reflection due to its cut.

To bring out its birefringence optical properties, moissanite must disperse maximum light, or else, it becomes full and lifeless. Jewellers understand the stone’s immense fire capabilities, so they cut the stone precisely – clean and minimal. The several types of cut include:







What Makes Moissanite Highly Sought After?

It will interest you to know that when place side by side with a diamond, moissanite disperses more light rays than its counterpart (2.4 times more). This attribute stems from its double-refractive properties, compared to diamonds’ single-refractive qualities. Hence, financing a moissanite engagement ring is much more affordable than its counterpart diamond option. Additionally, with the right amount of heat, a jeweller can change the colour of a moissanite gemstone to give the best appearance. These colour options include dark green, light green, and colourless.

Naturally, the gemstones give brown, yellow, and green hues. As a result, you have to evaluate the jewellery you intend to purchase. You can always get any colour of choice.

Is There Anything Else Worth Knowing?

With the right clarity, colour, and cut, you can get the maximum optical properties of a moissanite gemstone. Sourcing for a naturally mined moissanite can be likened to finding a needle in a haystack, due to its rarity. For this reason, lab scientists grow them in the lab. They have a more ethically friendly background than diamonds.

Moissanite goes with any ring setting, including tension and solitaire options. In the same vein, you can match it with any ring band, including white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. You don’t have to empty your life savings to purchase a moissanite engagement ring for your spouse. It is easy to own one for as little as $300 to $400.



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