How to Create a Work-Life Balance as a Work from Home Mum

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The quarantine period that followed the Covid 19 outbreak has proved that it’s possible to establish a successful home business, advantageous to mums, especially those with young kids. You no longer have to worry about getting to work tired and not having enough sleep the previous night.

Mums have mastered the art of working when the rest of the family is asleep or when children are engaged with other activities such as play or schoolwork. However, without a clearly outlined plan, you can burn out quickly. How do you create an easy to sustain work and family life balance? 

Get Assistance with the Kids

Having young kids means that everything you do is planned around their schedule. You work, relax or make your favourite meals when they are asleep or someone else is taking care of them. It can be exhausting and sometimes disorientating. To make sure you don’t burn out, get enough time to rest. You can take the children to a nearby nursery where you are assured they are professionally being cared for as you relax or concentrate on yourself.

Create a Healthy Work Environment

When working, you need a peaceful atmosphere away from all the noise and chaos young children create. You don’t want to be in the middle of a business call, and then you can’t concentrate because of the kids’ screams, cries, or nagging. If your children are older, you can tell them not to disturb you when working, but this sometimes doesn’t work. 

Set aside one of the rooms to be your office, and equip it with the necessary work tools. Let the entire family know not to disturb you when you are in the office. As you personalize your workstation, you’ll find it easier to concentrate on work and even enjoy spending time in the home office.

Create Outdoor Time

With all the responsibilities waiting for you, it’s easy to find yourself spending days or weeks without going out unless to get some groceries. Go out at least once a week, meet with friends, or take lunch or dinner in your favourite restaurant. To enable this, take the kids to the nursery or arrange for a nanny to spend time with the kids when you are away.

Other than this, arrange regular getaways for the family, with your spouse, and sometimes on your own. It would help if you took several days off regularly to rejuvenate, relax and refocus. Also, build strong friendships with your peers, workmates, and relatives. Even when you are too busy, create time for the people you love.

Have Quality Family Time

Did you know it’s possible to be in the house with your children and partner but don’t get to spend quality time? Set aside time every day when you do things together without work interruptions. It can be as simple as having dinner together or watching a movie. If you give your family quality time, they will not mind when you have to spend time alone attending to work or relaxing. 

When you have a consistent family, work-life balance, you’ll be more productive and happier. Your family will be happy too. 


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