The Ordinary Moments #23

The Ordinary Moments #23
We headed to the beach for a picnic a few days ago. We don’t live too far from South Shields so head through when we can. It’s usually really busy as soon as the sun pops its head out but it was reasonably quiet for a change. 
The sun looked bright and promising and we could feel the heat on our skin when we left the house. Sadly, we hadn’t anticipated the wind. We’d taken a picnic and it was literally covered in sand within seconds. Obviously that meant we had to buy ice cream instead!
We spent some time digging in the sand before dusting ourselves down and heading to the park where the little man had a ride on the train and played on the swings.
I love that a simple day out in a place we’ve visited hundreds of time can be fun and keep us all entertained without costing the earth. 


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  1. 10th June 2015 / 2:21 pm

    Gorgeous photos and it looks like a lovely sunshiny day bar the wind. How lovely to live so near the beach- I wish we did! Days like this are the best! x

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